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Example sentences for subscriber

Remove the subscriber identification module from your old cell phone.
In order to read magazine content, you'll need to be a paid subscriber.
Unfortunately, the online version is subscriber only.
Online readers tend to dart in and out, spending far less time on a newspaper site than a subscriber spends with a paper.
If you're a subscriber you get full access to the archive.
All deleted content can be re-downloaded if you are an existing subscriber.
The strong demand for mobile telephony in poor countries is illustrated by booming subscriber growth.
If you are a subscriber and have activated your digital access, log in below.
If you are a subscriber to the magazine, you can read them in full in our online archive.
For a change of address, subscriber should give four weeks notice.
We are dedicated to making your experience as a subscriber easy.
We are dedicated to making your experience as a home delivery subscriber easy.
Visit the subscriber account page to change or cancel your subscription at any time or to update your e-mail address.

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If you see my Pompey, 30 yrs of age, new breeches, plain stockings, negro shoes; if you see my Anna, likely young mulatt... more
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