subplot in a sentence

Example sentences for subplot

There's also a moving subplot of dislocation and downward mobility in the author's own family.
Humor, if there was any, was relegated to the subplot or to an eleven-o'clock number.
Before long, however, a distinctly human subplot emerged.
There's hunting in the subplot, but it's an anti-hunting story.
Now please find a subplot in which you play a role as something other than shrieking pastel window dressing.
Other than that laughable subplot, the episode was first-rate.
There's a subplot that gets hardly any dialogue in the film, yet has an emotional pain and elegance.
Locate the predetermined subplot, subplot center pins are inserted and flagged.
There will be four replications of forage in the whole plot and three harvest dates in the subplot factor.
For each plot, a two-meter diameter subplot was defined at the center of each plot.
The permanent plots consisted of a four-subplot cluster.
Subplot treatments consist of four glyphosate herbicide applications in various sequences or with a residual preplant herbicide.
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