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Subsequent measurements six months later allowed the researchers to compare growth rates of dominant and subordinate females.
In a frustrated mood, he frequently hits out at a subordinate who comes to greet him.
Silverbacks at times neglect subordinate females in favor of the more dominant and senior ones.
These bouts determine hierarchies among males, and dominant males mate more often than subordinate ones do.
Videos don't have to be subordinate advertising material for albums, and dance doesn't have to be confined to the theater.
By the same token, successful convergence means having the willingness to subordinate your media expertise instead of imposing it.
The executive functions of such universities are subordinate to the legislative functions.
At every step, hiring committees remind us of our subordinate position in the academic hierarchy.
Provides advice and counsel to staff and subordinate managers on work and policy matters.
He admits that he finds it impossible to subordinate his wishes to those of someone else.
Perhaps a tribe or species gains some survival advantage by castrating its subordinate males.
Consider the relationship between the human and the monkeys the human is in charge, the capuchins in a subordinate position.
Subordinate males being maimed by the leading females was not uncommon.
In general transhumance is regarded as closely symbiotic with agriculture and subordinate to agriculture.
Pidgins allow people to communicate but lack fixed word order, case, or subordinate clauses.
He was being praised for his willingness to subordinate journalism to politics.
The others, he says, subordinate intellect to sentiment.
That, in turn, could create a positive advantage of being a subordinate.
After initially accepting the invitation-a promising gesture of co-operation-he will now send a subordinate in his place.
They can make out who is the boss and who is subordinate.
Grants of half-month's pay were made to all soldiers, sailors, and subordinate civil servants.
Efficiency, transparency, legality and even honesty are subordinate.
But it is also true of those who inherit a subordinate status.
It seems needless to describe the effect which this system must produce upon the subordinate and junior officers of the army.
In both time and space the development of variational distinctions is subordinate to the circle enclosing the species.
The group in power takes cultural aspects of a subordinate community out of context and uses them how they see fit.
What you cannot do is subordinate that to a more surface, factual kind of truth.
It is fairly common for a boss to have an honored position and make a toast at a subordinate's wedding.
The incentive for this subordinate party is an interesting idea.
Do not use a semicolon between a clause and a phrase, or a main clause and a subordinate clause.
The subordinate insurgents sought safety as they could.
Albeit means though: howbeit always nevertheless, beginning not a subordinate clause, but a principal sentence.
As means and instruments only, they are necessarily subordinate to the conservation of government itself.
The business of government in the villages is conducted by subordinate chiefs, who are appointed by him.
Nowadays, criticism is subordinate to the consumerist reflex of media hype.
All of the characters that ensued were subordinate to him.
Football is considered the ultimate team game, one in which individual glory is subordinate to group achievement.
In terms of the workplace, for example, a subordinate is less prone to question or criticize his supervisor.
Our elected officials work for us, and are subordinate to us, not our bosses or our rulers.
There are no box-office favorites in the new film, and romance has a subordinate position.
The role of the sciences is equally pervasive and equally subordinate.
The resultant quality of life is always subordinate to the chief aim of prolonging it.
The army was the spine of the revolution, and the civil power was forced to subordinate itself to the military.
Work involves responsibility for directing subordinate switchboard operators on a shift and training of subordinate operators.
It is fairly controlling to tell someone who is supposed to be a partner, not a subordinate, to go ask for directions.
There's no excuse for a supervisor accepting cash from a subordinate.

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