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Visitors to the site can also view a slide show of all the submitted designs.
Three letters of recommendation should be submitted directly by recommenders.
Many of the respondents submitted detailed explanations with their answers.
Vote now and help our online audience pick the best photo submitted each month.
Therefore, we've selected one winner and two runners-up selected from among all the videos submitted.
For the first time, contestants submitted their work exclusively on-line.
Vote on self-portrait photos submitted by other readers.
Photos of missing loved ones submitted by readers.
All applications must be submitted on-line through the employment site.
The evidence submitted in real courts is often not as cut-and-dried as it seems on television.
And we'll take a quick trip through a batch of other questions submitted by listeners.
We do not accept entries submitted through the postal mail.
Thanks to all who submitted answers to this week's puzzle.
We strongly prefer that applications be submitted online.
Last month it submitted a new plan for disaster housing and recovery.
Thanks to all who submitted solutions to this week's puzzle.
To ensure full consideration, materials should be submitted electronically as soon as possible.
We apologise for the mistake, which arose from our misinterpretation of data submitted by the school.
In the final round, a business plan is submitted and teams are awarded seed money to take the next steps developing their ideas.
The second involves consideration of proposals that are submitted through the twice annual open submission process.
So far, the group has published four investigations and has one more submitted for review.
Please do not send us manuscripts submitted elsewhere.
Below the jump, you can read all of the submitted haiku.
The paper is then submitted for peer review and published in a scientific journal.
Applications submitted by the stated review dates will receive full consideration.
Complete films, not trailers or edited segments, must be submitted so that the product can be judged as a whole.
Nominations and applications should be submitted immediately.
Abandoning his earlier reticence, he submitted to interviews and photographs.
All applications and materials submitted will be held in strict confidence.
All application materials must be submitted electronically.
He has no plans to submitted a formal resignation letter, he said.
The spokesman said the listings are submitted by the organizations themselves.
Electronic applications should be submitted via our online employment system to complete the application process.
Check out our favorite comics-inspired tattoos submitted by you.
Submitted ballots get dropped in a box at the bottom of the machine for later counting.
The service aggregates news stories submitted by users and filters those submissions based on user votes.
My general sense is that if committees want materials submitted electronically, they tend to say so.
They need a better verification system stating that the comment has been submitted for newly-registered members.
In the past few days, all three agencies have submitted proposals to the cabinet committee.
The committee was discharged shortly after their report was submitted.
These firms are supposed to be working up business plans to be submitted to creditors and the court.
Browse hundreds of photos, submitted by our readers.
Recently he submitted his first academic paper on the biomechanics of running to a scholarly journal, where it is under review.
The company nevertheless submitted a bid in a tendering process which it now argues is illegal.
Already they will have submitted a list of ten books they want to see go forward to the next round.
Once you have a few, you don't care about submitted anymore.
Neither team has yet published its results: one set is about to be submitted to a journal, the other is in review.
Nye also submitted the teachers' travel expenses for payment out of the grant.
Once the idea is submitted and approved, then production begins.
It is true of all contagious diseases that they frequently spare those who appear to be fully submitted to their influence.
Moreover, numerous provinces have submitted their own plans that still include double-digit growth.
Here's a selection of the top runners-up from the many great cartoons submitted.
Manuscripts are either submitted electronically, or scanned and reviewed digitally.
It'll be exciting to see what further study shows and to read papers that are submitted from that research.
They are paying for someone to consider the application based on the credentials they have submitted.
The material was submitted to peer review publications but apparently will not be accepted for review by established physicists.
And now that the full results have been submitted, he's backpedaling.
For one thing, it's open to students around the world, whose entries will be submitted online as videos or slide shows.
Look at my comment in at the location you submitted your question.
Since then, many colleges have submitted to the administration their own proposed solutions.
All requested information must be submitted online for your application to be considered.
Top journals get more papers submitted you do the math.
There will be many, many excellent proposals submitted.
One of the sharpest reactions came in response to a question that was submitted beforehand in writing.
The lab will pool the proposals-submitted through an online portal-for review by a board of library officials.
Most multidisciplinary conferences would come up with their specific topics after the papers are submitted by the delegates.
Certainly none of my recommenders shared their letters with me, either before or after they submitted them.
If it submitted a sell order that big to an exchange, it might cause the share price to fall as the trade was being executed.
He submitted this snap last night on his way home from dinner.
We're trying to get it fixed and apologize to everyone who submitted real names.
Photos were submitted by both professional and amateur photographers.
People made requests and submitted their own mash-ups.
When checking this option paperwork should be submitted with the original license application.
The next day, he submitted a series of photos to a student.
Understand if those must be submitted on forms, or if they may be traditional letters.

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Of all my prosecutors ... not one is my peer, but each and all are my political sovereigns; and had your honor sub... more
The most striking fault in work by young or beginning novelists, submitted for criticism, is irrelevance—... more
The circumstances of human society are too complicated to be submitted to the rigour of mathematical calcul... more
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