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Example sentences for submersible

Visitors will also join scientists on a virtual submersible tour of the deep ocean.
Take the slippery task of controlling a submersible vehicle, for example.
Submersible craft in the early years of their development were perilous to friend and foe alike.
Each section would resemble the semi-submersible platforms common in oil drilling.
We won't know for sure until a submersible can be sent to look at the area.
But it was also a method of testing the effectiveness of an underwater electronics lab installed aboard the submersible.
We erroneously operated the submersible and it ran over the bone, so the bone was buried.
But today, our group can still see our fingerprints all over almost every submersible in the world, manned or unmanned.
She was one of three people who traveled to the newly discovered underworld in a submersible vessel.
The submersible's manufacturer offers technical details.
The crew of an experimental, high-tech submersible is called into action to investigate a mysterious nuclear submarine crash.
Many components make up a successful research submersible.
During the mid-day dive, the submersible team had a strange encounter with a swordfish.
During a tubeworm bush collection, the net is lowered over the top of a tubeworm bush with the mechanical arm of the submersible.
Many small water systems have a single-source well with a submersible pump controlled by a pressure switch.
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