sublimity in a sentence

Example sentences for sublimity

True virtue ought to be cheerful and soar with the sublimity of reverence for its law.
Such sublimity makes it difficult to understand the global catastrophe brewing here.
True or false, there is a sublimity in the speculations of geologists which fascinates the imagination.
His ardour and idealism prepare us for the deeper spiritual sublimity of the puritan poet.
It was her last vituperative attempt, and perhaps for that reason was invested with a certain degree of sublimity.
It should be noted as exhibiting a rare excellence-the climax of simple sublimity.
Wherever the gaze rested, a wonderful picture was spread combining charm and sublimity, remote past and joyous present.
Sublimity is produced by aggregation, and littleness by dispersion.
Instead, this picture achieves a level of badness that is its own form of sublimity.
Do nothing to mar its grandeur, sublimity and loveliness.

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