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Example sentences for subliminal

The ruling elite send subliminal messages to control you and are aliens.
Sophisticated retailers use a variety of subliminal clues to attract shoppers.
The subliminal story is the recognition of the lie by the error detection mechanism.
Frontoparietal activation has also been found in studies of subliminal stimulus processing.
Here, he plays an advertising consultant whose expertise in subliminal cues makes the viewer act on impulse.
The hieroglyphic splatter of these markings gives the show a visceral subliminal power.
And the subliminal message is that everything tastes better soaked in fat, animal fat.
His creations carry a message of subliminal freedom and luxury.
Their work has allied itself with the discreet, almost subliminal beauty that radiates from the objects themselves.
The brain identifies patterns, proportions and relationships to make instant subliminal comparisons.
It has the effect of subliminal messaging, the old and new informing each other.
Participants meeting the study criteria will be randomized to the perceived stimulation or subliminal stimulation group.

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