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Serve as design expert for course and subject matter developers.
The key with sunsets is that you have to have subject matter, such as this boardwalk and people.
They will shine some indirect light upon emerging technologies, our ordinary subject matter.
Innovation experts and consultants stress repeatedly that innovation isn't a matter of subject knowledge.
There's no contradiction in the choice of subject matter, by the way.
And indeed there is much to be learned about the subject of careers from those sources.
If you want to sound off on current events, find a subject to teach where such material would be appropriate.
Colleges that fail the test are subject to extra monitoring on their use of federal student-aid funds.
Those friends were then contacted at random and asked to call the subject who had named them.
The topic subject links back to the start of the topic.
Applicants are subject to a criminal background check.
If you think they don't respect your subject area, invite them to lunch and explain how it fits with theirs.
The successful candidate will be subject to a criminal background check.
All positions are subject to availability of funds, due to financial exigencies.
It has been the subject of lore and the object of cravings for centuries.
All checked luggage is subject to additional limitations and regulations during specified embargo periods.
Center the subject's head in the frame, and take the picture from the top of the hair to the top of the shoulders.
Rookies are tested up to four times per season, and veterans are subject to one random test during training camp.
Global warming, or climate change, is a subject that shows no sign of cooling down.
It's been the subject of campfire stories for decades.
Either can be made with or without your subject's awareness and cooperation.
If you use objects other than your main subject in the foreground, be careful of placement.
So if the subject is predominantly dark, experiment by overexposing to compensate.
They do not hesitate for a minute to let you know that once you set foot in their salt kingdom, you are subject to their commands.
The searchable site allows visitors to indicate a grade level and subject area for resources tailored to specific needs.
If you're driving and a subject catches your eye, stop the car and investigate the location on foot.
And the weather that shapes our environment can be a subject unto itself.
The fall is such a popular subject that camera-laden tourists are as common as squirrels gathering nuts.
It is not her custom to subject herself to the questions of strangers.
Travel and accommodations are subject to availability.
The effect of gene patenting on research and investment has been the subject of great debate.
The subject is told he is on a bridge over the tracks.
The number of friends, on the other hand, had no significant effect on how happy a subject was.
Then, the subject is asked to explain his preferences.
There is no more contentious subject in science today than evolution.
And for that reason, the subject of scientific misconduct is especially relevant.
The investigators positioned each jilted subject in a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner.
NO don't this is getting off the subject of immunosuppression.
Of course, vintage wine verbiage has long been the subject of crisp yet tart lampooning.
Having thought more on this subject, based on my own experience of this drug.
Exactly how the human brain works to record and remember an image is the subject of much debate and speculation.
For this technique picking up a subject is always an interesting part.
The beam's pulses lasted for quadrillionths of a second, scattering from the subject's surface in the instant before it vaporized.
Groups of editors at a dictionary watch specific subject areas, logging the hits a new word gets.
They're the subject of best-selling books, workshops and exhibitions.
If my father is persnickety about his strawberries, he is equally so on the subject of strawberry shortcake.
Please note that purchases are subject to service charges.
No subject has won more popular attention in press reports on human evolution during the past five years.
The overcast is too dark to light the subject at that distance.
Next, subjects added as much hot sauce as they wanted to a cup of water they believed another subject would have to drink.
While the situations-research subject vs crime suspect-are of course quite different, the parallels are enough to give one pause.
If it's high in one region of the lung, oxygen isn't being absorbed well and the subject may have poor lung function.
The subject breathes into a tube that contains a laser, a system of mirrors, and a photodetector.
As they get smaller and smaller, conventional transistors are subject to a problem called leakage.
Artificial intelligence is a complex subject, and some answers have been edited for brevity.
The instrument is also going to be the subject of a short film.
The strap around the subject's head contains electrodes that pick up brain waves.
Because the cloned stem cells are genetically matched to the patient, they are not subject to immune rejection.
They usually discover a fellow grad only when the subject comes up in conversation.
Readers who wish to pursue the article's subject more thoroughly have to look elsewhere.
The subject, as the programmer typed on his keyboard, was anthrax.
The subject and the inside experimenter are kept ignorant of these targets.
Translators, more than anyone else, tend to become weary of the subject of translation.
My subject is not physical illness itself but the uses of illness as a figure or metaphor.
But religion as a subject for serious intellectual concern enjoys no vogue among the great majority in university halls.
Seldom has any legislative body been the subject of a solicitude more intense, or of aspirations more sincere and ardent.
Full disclosure: my remarks on this subject have quite possibly been made by me before, in other contexts.
Subject is perched atop a vehicle moving at a frighteningly high speed.
Biographers often say that they write with their subject looking over their shoulders.

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