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Fortunately, it is not intended to subdue humans, but to allow them to control their environments better.
Controlling natural processes is often less hazardous than trying to subdue them entirely.
It would subdue demand here where growth is low and leave more supply for the developing world where growth is higher.
As this process takes place, it will continue to subdue wage growth and global inflation.
The oldest profession predates history, and laws designed to subdue it have rarely proved effective.
The researchers suggest it instead caused rapid shock, allowing the dinosaur to subdue its prey.
They would be the same and not the same, and among them some might fool and subdue the pathogens that threaten our well-being.
We didn't have to use non-lethal shotgun rounds to subdue our detainees.
Motivated by individual greed, they turn on one another until they unite to subdue a stranger prone to violence.
Carter's mission is to somehow secretly board the sub, sabotage it and subdue the hijackers.
By that point, the combination of leaders and led had grown too powerful for returning colonizers to subdue.
And then when narcotics are given to subdue the pain, they say it's the narcotics talking.
Physically subdue a resisting or fleeing probationer, with no additional help.
They grab the prey with their pincers and sometimes use their stinger to subdue their prey.
Physically subdue or restrain a resisting inmate with the help of one or more other corrections officers.
Tasers and stun guns are viewed by law enforcement as a less lethal alternative to firearms to subdue suspects.
As they tried to subdue him, one of the deputies swept the suspect's waistband area and felt what was believed to be a weapon.
Today, it is viewed as an effort to find tools or devices that subdue subjects without harm.
Scorpion venom is used to subdue prey, and to defend against threats, as well as in the mating process.
Subdue resisting subjects using hands and feet while employing defensive tactics, maneuvers or approved nonlethal weapons.
Rattlesnakes use their venom to subdue prey, which are mainly rodents.
Constrictors don't always use their suffocating grip to subdue prey.
Nonvenomous snakes subdue prey by constriction or suffocation.
Ability to subdue unruly work camp participants and break-up fights.

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