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Many of the world's largest earthquakes take place at subduction zones where tectonic plates collide, forcing one under the other.
Water is key to subduction, and subduction seems to be what is unique.
In this respect the mixing hypothesis makes good sense in many andesites in subduction zone environments.
The melting of the rock occurs at the subduction zones as one plate is pushed under the other.
In the view above, the main subduction zone where the plate motions are more orthogonal are further south.
In the ocean, subduction zones can create huge, deep trenches.
He said great earthquakes along patches of fault in this subduction zone come as no surprise.
It lies along a subduction zone, where one tectonic plate slips beneath another, shoving it upward.
Volcanoes can rise in subduction zones, areas where plates meet and one is pushed beneath another.
Plates slide above and below each other in a tectonic activity called subduction.
The purple lines show major tectonic boundaries of subduction zones.
Convergent boundaries are often subduction zones, where the heavier plate slips under the lighter plate.
The mountains were folded upward by tectonic plate movement in the subduction zone.
Instead, the new finding adds evidence that gravity pulling the plates into subduction zones may drag them across the globe.
See also the rise in harmonic tremors along the pacific subduction fault lines.
Crustal subduction, for example, does not occur at lake shores.
Island-arc volcanoes occur at subduction zones, where two oceanic plates collide and one is pushed under the other.
Underneath the plains, subduction is also melting rock into magma, which infuses the groundwater with heat and volcanic gases.
They're caused by violent movements of rock-usually an earthquake along a seafloor fault called a subduction zone.
One type forms from the site of subduction, where one tectonic plate is shifting under another.
Scientists theorize that this material built up along the boundaries of tectonic plates during a process called subduction.
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