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Example sentences for subbase

The purpose of a subbase under a rigid pavement is to provide uniform stable support for the pavement slabs.
Any selected course of material placed beneath the base is referred to as a subbase.
There shall be no snow, frost, or standing water on the subbase course.
The subbase surface shall be contoured to lines and grades indicated on the drawings.
The roadbed rises in elevation as each increment or layer of subbase, base, surfacing or pavement is placed.
The materials are mixed cold and will be used as a subbase course.
Where necessary, material conforming to the subbase specification shall be utilized to perform the adjustment.
Fine grade the subbase to achieve maximum uniform support.
Where existing scarified surface is low or has excessive cross slope, build up the surface with subbase material, as necessary.
The subbase shall be constructed to the thickness shown on the plans.
When the subbase aggregate is placed in layers or lifts, each lift shall be tested.
Precast concrete street pavers shall be laid in a bituminous setting bed over the specified concrete subbase.
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