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The app allows users to create their own digital flipbooks by drawing the images using the stylus.
On the blank canvas, simply tap the pencil icon, use your fingertip or stylus pen to print on the screen.
Press down on the leak with the stylus to prevent further damage.
Players take pictures of people or anything else, then watch them pop out of holes before bopping them with the stylus.
The pot allegedly had waveforms etched into a groove as a potter incised a line with a stylus while the pot spun.
It has two screens, one of which is touch-sensitive and can be tapped or written on with fingernails or a stylus.
The program could be put into these devices and operated with a mouse, tracker-ball or stylus, instead of an eyeball.
He pulled out the stylus he used to manipulate the touchscreen, and was ready to go.
Physicists suspend an ion in space to act as a minuscule stylus.
Furthermore, the device allows for convenient zooming and annotations with a stylus.
For those who prefer to use a stylus for various apps, there are a plenty to choose from.
With a pen stylus, students are able to highlight text and make annotations as they read.
Alongside the video is a space for typed or handwritten notes, which students can jot down using a stylus.
One of the delights of writing in pen is that you can write continuously without having to stop to sharpen your stylus.
It's small enough to fit in a handbag, has a pink case and comes with a stylus to protect delicate nail jobs.
The flexible touchscreen display supports user input either by stylus pen or by touch.
Other goals require shaking the tablet, tilting it, or clicking the stylus nib as fast as you can.
Obediently, the scribe smooths a wet clay tablet and gets out his stylus.
Most e-paper has abysmally low refresh rates, far too slow to trace the movement of a stylus on a tablet.
Nobody has the wit or gumption to stand up and lift the stylus.
Or they can use a shrunken keyboard that works with a stylus.
Someday there may be a stylus and a way to physically write in the margins.
Different colors represent different instruments' melodic riffs or percussion beats, and the stylus can change tempo.
Sanitize the stylus by lowering the tip into the disinfectant and lifting it out twice with the stylus lift arm.
The light grade, however, is recommended as easier to emboss by slate and stylus.
In the case of the stylus, a virtual proxy at the end of its tip visualizes the target pointer.
The stylus is designed so that it can be accurately set for gage height.
The vibrating diaphragm caused an attached stylus to etch the sound waves onto a blank wax rotating cylinder or disc.

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