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Fighting is totally different, and takes skills that are difficult to practice in stylized martial arts.
Burton is an incredible talent, whose films are always akin to beautifully stylized paintings.
They're straightforward portraits that aren't over-stylized but somehow get to the soul of their subjects.
They stuck stylized cube farms into faux warehouses and figured that would work.
But there are plenty of rippling abs and lots of stylized, gory gladiator action.
His main characters are prototypes for the writer, and his worlds are prototypes for a highly stylized kind of poetry or fiction.
The pattern resembles squarish line drawings of fish or stylized genie lamps.
When stylized artfully, they have so much more wit and personality than mere human beings.
While the setting and the characters continually convince and intrigue, the novel seems somehow frozen, stylized.
Look for our brown and white signs showing a stylized skier, direction arrow, and a degree of difficulty symbol.
Above the arcade entrance, a stylized eagle with outstretched wings rests atop a globe supported by foliated decoration.
The characters may be stylized allowing the collars to be read when only half of the character can be seen.
With respect to the lettering in applicant's mark, it is only slightly stylized and is insufficient to avoid confusion.
Look for the brown and white signs showing a stylized skier, direction arrow, and a degree of difficulty symbol.
Designs include human and animal figures, and plant shapes, both stylized and realistic.

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