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Example sentences for sturdy

TO reduce the risk of a fall and subsequent injury, older people are often advised to wear sturdy shoes.
He is as sturdy an orthodox scientist as one might find.
One obvious risk to a sturdy recovery is the looming effect of tighter fiscal policy.
Most gardeners choose to grow wisteria up a wall or on a sturdy arbor or pergola.
Both the rear panel and the bezel cover are fashioned from thick, sturdy leather.
But it would be foolish, all the same, to pin many hopes on an immediate or sturdy recovery.
Simple rooms feature sturdy handcrafted furnishings, baths with organic toiletries.
The result is a sturdy structure that's unfazed by the freeze-and-thaw cycles that cause mortar to crumble.
The ants are fast enough to be difficult to catch, and sturdy enough to withstand a swift kick.
Running it takes an editor both deft and driven, a balance of restlessness and patience, and a sturdy spine.
Good light, a sturdy chair, and a comfortable temperature are also important.
As an attractive and sturdy alternative to hardwood flooring, bamboo is tough to beat.
Rolls and sturdy breads held up to this better than soft sliced breads.
Yes, it's more expensive than the home-rig, but it's got a warranty and the bottles are sturdy.
Modern airships are different beasts: they use helium, not flammable hydrogen, and are wrapped in sturdy material.
Wrap sturdy twine around the fabric, as if you were closing a bag.
Has silvery blue, sturdy leaves that turn bright yellow in fall add to my plant list.
Plus, our model featured a large sturdy flap that provided excellent protection and a neck snapping color pattern.
His sturdy forehead makes you wonder whether he needs a helmet to play football.
Frequent pinching produces sturdy plants with big flowers.
He's a silly kitten attacking a stray string hanging from a sturdy armchair.
Anyway, whoever wins, he or she should have a strong backbone and a sturdy hand to dominate the violence.
Exploring and enjoying the world's great cities is as easy as unfolding these sturdy laminated maps.
Romaine leaves are sturdy enough to stuff, and they even hold up on the grill.
The device snaps into a light yet sturdy windshield mount that's better than many pricier models.
Dense flower clusters on sturdy stems rise above bright green leaves.
Still, modern designers of light-displacement boats often pooh-pooh the sturdy qualities of traditional boats.
They are quite sturdy and appears to fit really well.
Vines are superb on walls and sturdy fences, trellises, arbors.
Ironically, this stocky, sturdy animal exists today only in captivity.
Wear sturdy shoes and be prepared for some strenuous climbing if you plan to visit the cliff dwellings.
Needs strong support: superb on concrete and rock walls or on sturdy arbors.
The hardest part of building a wood bench is ensuring that its legs are sturdy and well attached.
Sturdy concrete footing keeps the pillar from toppling.
Before planting, install a trellis or other sturdy support for vines to climb.
Use plants with sturdy but still pliable stems for your bottom layer.
Poke a hole in the larger end of the egg, which is where the air pocket is, with a good sturdy tack.
Metal bobbins feel sturdy and provide tension control.
They are sturdy enough to allow containers to be stacked and can also be used as trivets.
It also adds a smaller cutting blade and a sturdy corkscrew.
He set off on his journey wearing three layers of garments and sturdy shoes with bearskin soles.
It plays music from his iPod and is powered by car batteries mounted on a sturdy motocross bike.
Sturdy plants conceal supports, look quite tidy add to my plant list.
Sturdy aluminum tripod provides excellent vibration suppression.
And they're pretty sturdy compared to other portable electronic devices, so they can take being toted around in a backpack.
It's also a sturdy alternative to traditional wrapping paper.
She's a sturdy old wooden boat that stands out in the harbor amongst the sea of aluminum fishing vessels laden with nets.
In a sturdy soup pot over medium heat, melt the butter.
All one needed to set up a strappado was a sturdy rafter and a rope.
Join to them also sturdy and valiant beggars, cloaking their idle life under the colour of some disease or sickness.
Sturdy red farmhouses and barns were scattered across the countryside.
Her sturdy hands gripped two bulging bags of produce, and she panted from the weight of the food.
His recipe was sturdy enough to accommodate such tinkering.
Her combination of sturdy texture and lack of dramatic flair enables her to sell a lyric in a number of styles.
It's a sturdy, innovative machine that is trying to do something else entirely.
Small tear-drop shaped holes on a hand-held grater: small, yet sturdy shreds that read well for food photography.
For a start, still had sturdy hind legs that were good for swimming but would have allowed it to walk on land.
It can be concluded that buildings now a days are more structurally sturdy and more precise.
Short and sturdy, he was by temperament an introvert, his whole being dedicated to bookish research.
In winter, sturdy parsley and rich walnuts stand in.
If wine doesn't quite cut it, consider a pint of sturdy beer or a shot of whiskey.
He constructed a sturdy scratching post out of wood, carpet, adhesive and fine-grit sandpaper.
The phone, which is made of steel, feels sturdy in your hand and held up to your ear.
The sturdy buildings that survived the quake were ravaged by the wave that followed.
It's sturdy, smooth and comfortable, and the keys feel high quality.
But when the coal dust cleared, a sturdy new commercial infrastructure remained.
For creamy potatoes, keep stirring potato mixture, using a sturdy spoon to press it against sides and bottom of pot.
The convention wouldn't exist without a sturdy talent pool and the audience to support it.
Meanwhile, it must be supported on a sturdy but temporary structure while everything is built around it.
Do kneel, sit, or stay low to the floor if sturdy furniture is unavailable.
These bags have sturdy handles, are easy to pack and have about the same capacity as paper bags.
Please wear sturdy shoes and bring a bottle of water.
Get inside a sturdy structure before the storm approaches.
Choose a safe place in every room-under a sturdy table or desk or against an inside wall where nothing can fall on you.
Move to a sturdy building and stay away from windows.
If you can't get out of the building, get under a sturdy table or desk.
Get out immediately and go to the lowest floor of a sturdy, nearby building or a storm shelter.
They must be used on stacked pallets when individual pallets do not have a sturdy, flat top surface.
Keep items in an accessible place and store them in sturdy containers that can be easily carried.

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