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Never have so many so called political leaders of both parties been in a stupor of this depth.
Maybe his policies would bring us to recession, but if they bring our out of this stupor than its worth it.
Seven ways to tell an eco-story that will startle readers out of a mournful stupor.
Delirium is common among patients waking from a ketamine stupor.
They sometimes shut down completely, falling into a stupor.
Instead of having it treated, he bore the pain by drinking himself into a stupor.
Sometimes she appeared on the set in a barbiturate stupor.
Noah plants a vineyard, makes wine, and falls into a stupor in his tent.
They include sudden confusion, disorientation, or stupor.
Between hypothermia and alcohol-induced stupor, it's a miracle he didn't die.
Waiting until he had staggered to bed in a drunken stupor, she went upstairs and set fire to him, killing him as he slept.
Late-stage symptoms of encephalopathy are stupor and eventually coma.
Walking, or rather, staggering back to your hotel is preferred to hailing cabs in a drunken stupor.

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