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Example sentences for stupendous

Bower concludes that on both counts these efforts were stupendous failures.
Well, you can find that astonishing and stupendous principle in any basic micro-economic undergraduate elementary textbook.
Rare indeed is the chance to witness the stupendous power of a tornado.
Add stupendous views to the menu, and you've got the quintessential beach breakfast.
At the extreme pitch of the cape a stupendous cliff rises sheer from the fretting waves for about a hundred feet.
With a stupendous effort comes an emotional component, and masking one's feelings is not the name of the game.
Fried eggs are replaced with frugal grains, wine with water, stupendous suppers with salads.
The shift happened so quickly that it felt both jarring and stupendous at the same time.
With great semantics-based search, the results are stupendous.
The result is a stupendous public debt with rather little to show for it.
And the freezing fingers of winter still some falls into stupendous icicles.
Bordering those are beaches and rocky cliffs that offer stupendous views.
In all their stupendous variety they have died out and left no descendants.
As to the stupendous achievement of the novel there can be no question.
His task was stupendous, the problems he had to solve were baffling.
The guitar riffs were stupendous, but now it was time to get back to the song.
As a whole outcome of the blog is actually stupendous.
The implications of this seemingly simple aspiration are stupendous.
These disturbed areas do convey some psychological sense of the glaciers' stupendous leveling effects.
We have now a new and stupendous chapter of national history.
The essence of the park would be its heraldic display of wildlife posed against stupendous mountain scenery.
The errors in this section are blatantly obvious, and monumentally stupendous.
The eruptions were so stupendous that all other geysers are dwarfed by comparison.

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