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Some are stunted, some are bolting, some are growing.
From time to time he came upon stunted cedars growing out of the fissured rock, but he didn't trust them to hold his weight.
Stunted and twisted, often growing upside down, the trees of the escarpment are some of the slowest-growing plants in the world.
Blueberries often produce so many fruit buds that the bushes' growth is stunted and the berries are undersized.
Mine look a little better than yours but remain stunted with no vine vigor whatsoever.
Infected fish are physically stunted, and their muscles are so weakened that they have trouble swimming or even pumping blood.
Unfortunately, the phone's browser is stunted and terribly difficult to use.
The last one is waist-high, smaller than the others, and resembles a stunted drive-through squawk box.
Everybody's happy that the stunted population north of the border is finally getting three squares a day.
The fibrous sod and stunted trees are breathing heavy balm.
Near by stood a stunted oak-tree, which was made historical by the event.
But previous attempts to produce such strength by knocking out specific genes had stunted the plants or produced bad seeds.
No one can resist mussels, not even emotionally stunted ex-fiancées and their new poorly-received-novelist boyfriends.
Other countries have agricultural pasts too, but this has not stunted the growth of their educational calendars.
For a start, many of its wrist and hand bones had fused together and one of its fingers was unusually stunted.
If both recruits were stunted in this way, they still did better as a duo.
Your understanding of the diversity in human personality and emotion seems to be seriously stunted.
Most of the preserve's giant cypress trees were long ago logged out, leaving behind their stunted kin.
Breeding: stunted boreal bogs and in open country near tree line, especially in willows and alders.
Undernourished plants may have yellowing leaves, stunted growth and smaller than normal flowers or fruits.
Its tack consists of primitive rope reins and a crude wooden saddle with a metal pommel and stunted stirrups.
Some are stunted in their physical and mental growth because of improper nutrition.
Rows of rundown houses sit among stunted trees on a bleak, wind-swept plateau.
Forests might be strewn with deadfall or thickets of stunted trees.
What a stunted mindset that all too closely parallels the repressed religious mindset of lesser developed countries.
Abrupt increases in the oil price have prompted anxiety about stunted growth ever since.
Yet for centuries these markets remained stunted because of a simple question of valuation.
Survivors may be physically and mentally stunted, and ravaged by sores.
The government wants to boost the growth of pension funds as part of its plans to develop the country's stunted capital markets.
Nearly half of the under-fives are stunted because of poor nutrition.
Manufacturing and service industries remain stunted, leaving the country heavily reliant on mining and plantations.
But in a political system stunted until then by a domineering president, this was a recipe for confusion.
But if the system is stunted, diseased or otherwise diseased the result will be more disease and probably a collapse.
Many would likely be dead or stunted today without it.
Such a site could foster more openings in our closed society and help fight corruption which has stunted growth.
If labor is rewarded too much relative to capital, capital starves and growth and innovation is stunted.
In time, if an adequate number of bluegill are not removed, they will overpopulate the pond and become stunted.
The corn on the left survived the frost but was stunted.
Biologists take care to not overstock reservoirs, which can cause stunted growth.
Surrounding tissue is discolored and yellowed, and plants are often stunted.
In channel catfish-only ponds, do not add spawning structure, because the catfish are likely to overpopulate and become stunted.
Consequently, growth of the watermelon plant is stunted, and watermelon fruit quality and yield are reduced.
Their stunted size and wind-pruned shapes bear witness to an ongoing bout with the parks' harshest environment.
However, the perch and bluegill populations are stunted.
When plants do not receive the things they need to live and grow, they will either die or be stunted in their growth.
Infected plants may be stunted and die before seed set.
The dense aquatic vegetation limits predation, resulting in stunted sunfish.

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