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Tweed cautions readers without college-leadership experience not to try to replicate this stunt.
They now they call me the guru of stunt entertainment chainsaw art.
With car headlights illuminating the blacktop stage, the sport bike riding crew was putting on an amazing display of stunt riding.
During filming, stunt doubles were used when the car was flying or sailing.
Stunt drivers taking a turn for the worse is nothing new in action films.
Wal-Mart's critics dismiss the move as a publicity stunt.
It's definitely a stunt dog, but it's surprisingly satisfying in certain situations.
Two years later, a horrified crowd sees the stunt artist's parachute fail.
The trial itself was a circus, largely a publicity stunt for the county.
The onus isn't on his detractors to prove that this stunt was a really, really bad decision.
Perhaps the whole thing is a clever publicity stunt to draw attention to a struggling historical theme park.
He should have been sentenced more time for that stunt.
The helmet is a marketing stunt for a razor blade company.
Still, that music-study stunt might be pretty fair, though.
Viewers can usually tell the difference between a star and a stunt double.
Since the episode aired, people have repeated the stunt.
The stunt, however, may have inadvertently demonstrated the existence of a true ailment.
It started as a publicity stunt, but now the bloom is off the rose.
After all of this, more jaded minds might wonder if this was all a publicity stunt.
Some were left-wing bloggers there to record his annual blogger-con stunt.
All of which makes the article look less a serious investigation, and more a noxious publicity stunt.
The brilliance of the stunt was to exploit the networks lust for spectacle to get them to broadcast the call for their own demise.
Celebrities were recruited and newspapers alerted to the stunt.
Holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously is a stunt that millions of minds pull off every day.
His idea was to sell it to one of the big watch companies here as a promotion stunt, but no one wants to buy it.
It turns out that this is not the first time an eccentric ruler has pulled this kind of stunt.
The tent was a delightful stunt, reanimating a dead city block.
They are pulling the stunt to publicise the incredible savings they provide on conference calling.
The leap may not be exactly feline, and it's a publicity stunt, but it's nevertheless startling.
Nor is it a publicity stunt, he argues, answering an accusation that's been raised.
My reasoning is that this guy put a lot of effort into designing this thing and testing its components before the stunt.
Depending on the severity, it can stunt their intellectual development.
Abnormalities in these regions seem to stunt interest in the environment and in social interaction.
He eventually realized it was a silly romantic stunt.
Let's not pretend it was anything more than a political stunt.
Populist measures to soak the rich are not the answer: they would stunt growth.
He refused, saying that his government could not react to every stunt pulled off by political parties.
But proclaiming it the only gem in the crown is a wicked mental stunt.
Word has it she'll outdo even her meat get-up with a stunt involving a giant egg.
Every once in awhile he'd pull some sort of a stunt.
Once, she bet a pilot that she could stand any stunt he performed without getting sick, and she won.
It wasn't unpleasant to watch, but seemed as contrived as a sweeps-month stunt.
The relationship itself was so out there that many people thought it was a publicity stunt.
Doing their own stunt work, the two actors could have lost their lives when the chopper snagged one of its skids in the bridge.
The stunt was meant to terrorize both their enemies and the public.
Kudos to the stunt team for what could be the finest-ever twist on a standard action-movie bit of business.
Some specialists create digital characters that can be used in place of an actor, such as when a stunt or scene is too dangerous.
Corn stunt leafhopper is generally more prevalent in the late summer and early fall.
So let us-let us see this for what it is: it is duplicitous, it's redundant, it's superfluous and it's a stunt.

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