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Stunning footage of giraffe framed by a beautiful sunset.
He selected a series of stunning shots of city lights at night and beautiful aurorae.
They come up with stunning ideas that enliven subjects that have been photographed a million times before.
But what really amazes me is the stunning lack of curiosity many academics display about the work of their colleagues.
The former rebels surprise everyone with a stunning electoral success.
Watch a slide show of stunning photos from the shoot.
There are lush green ferns, complex undergrowth and stunning waterfalls.
The region has also yielded stunning dinosaur specimens, the likes of which had never been seen before.
These borders comprise a stunning display of unusual plants.
But add some false color produced by satellite sensors, and the result is stunning.
And the growth rate of this digital universe is stunning to contemplate.
The mental and spiritual impoverishment of these respondents is stunning.
But there is a stunning amount of ignorance when it comes to its financing.
Browse through stunning imagery in this one-of-a kind gallery.
The result of all the work: a stunning building, inside and out.
For a stunning flower show, plant an entire bed or border with sunflowers of different heights.
If you have ever wondered, how to capture those clouds move, ones that you have seen in those stunning videos.
Hyacinths and hybrid tulips are stunning but may last only a few seasons.
The average margin was a stunning two to one, meaning some races had even bigger margins.
Skiers explore a stunning wintry landscape that sees few human visitors.
Watch the above video to see the stark differences between the museum of old and today's stunning transformation.
The country's stunning performance has been due largely to prudent monetary and fiscal policies and to structural reforms.
The sound floats with stunning ease and maintains a beguiling softness throughout a three-octave range.
Little bundles of fresh fish make a stunning presentation in this dish.
With a new color palette and stunning shaded relief, backcountry navigation has never been easier.
Take a closer look at stunning images of all types of freshwater.
The bluff's golden sandstone has been worn down by water and wind into stunning sculptures and patterns.
Enjoy the work of other photographers in your home with stunning calendars, stationery, and posters.
You're right, stunning garden entrances draw one further in.
Winners and losers, but each an athlete of stunning endeavor.
The latter two films, though, have visually stunning costumes.
But the bankers' testimony showed a stunning failure, even now, to grasp the nature and extent of the current crisis.
We present a few examples of the stunning graphics used on the site below.
On another, it was a stunning intellectual capitulation.
Vast reaches of the planet have been locked for millennia in stunning permafrost formations.
What's really stunning is that you actually believe any of this tripe.
Network effects only produce stunning growth when positive feedback loops kick in.
Chris previously posted about this simply stunning stroller mod.
Then he took her instrument and sent out stunning roulades of notes to demonstrate.
For example, space-age satellite images make for a stunning photographic view, but they aren't much help on a road trip.
Call it a decadent exercise in conspicuous consumption or a stunning feat of flour, salt and sugar-based architecture.
The proposal, not quite three pages long, was stunning for its stark simplicity.
There were plenty of stunning musical performances after hours.
The history of cinematic technology is littered with stunning achievements and epic fails.
The detail on the various vehicles is absolutely stunning.
Check out his footage archive for more stunning examples.
Stunning may be a strong word for the viz alone, which is made up of relatively simple animations brought roughly to life.
It is definitely cheaper and can look really stunning.
It came on suddenly, and my father had been so crazily healthy his whole life that it was really stunning.
Stunning greenways within the city provide paths for a huge number of cyclists.
Outstanding news for this stunning and unique species.
The richnesses of the collection and its depth is stunning.
It has to do with the display of stunning skills and gorgeous bodies, the devotion, and the drive.
And because of this, this lack of inherent meaning or value, it was stunning.
The level of vanity and the pompousness is stunning.
All main rooms open to the stunning, private grounds.
It takes a unique skill set and the right equipment to produce a stunning image of another planet or even another galaxy.
More than half of all drugs are derived from a living organism, yet mankind is destroying the natural world at a stunning rate.
The desperation and hypocrisy here would be stunning, were it not for the fact that it's nothing new from you.
Text is crisper, images look rich and detailed, and colors are stunning.
The level of gadgetry packed into vehicles these days is stunning, if not overwhelming.
In the ruthless world of auto racing, aerodynamics can make the difference between stunning victory and fiery oblivion.
The real pleasure is in the ease of use and the stunning functionality.
It has, and the result is visually stunning, intellectually engaging and emotionally exhausting.
The derivatives markets have grown at a stunning pace.
But last week they were released in a sudden, stunning plea-bargain.
The stunning result, though, was that in some places the number of photons was actually less than zero.
Even more stunning was his account of the difficulties he faced in getting co-operation from other officials.
The view is stunning, and an equally stunning stone frieze depicts the long trek in moving, heroic form.
And improvements in trucking and freight rail led to stunning drops in the cost of moving goods over land.
But among the euro zone's top leadership there is a stunning complacency.
It blends a savory stew of ingredients that, when whisked together, create a wondrously tasty and visually stunning dish.
The result is visually stunning and emotionally shattering.
These same landscapes provide nature lovers with stunning backdrops for mountain bike riding.
Graphics don't offer next-gen horsepower, but landscapes and dungeons still look stunning.
Brains are wired with such stunning precision that every neuron knows its place.
The trends in scientific publishing are equally stunning, indicating exponential growth.
Throughout modern history, the discovery of each new unifying principle in physics has sparked stunning new practical insights.
Expect a line to form when you unveil this stunning dessert.
Its organic, sustainable bento recipes are terrific, but what's really stunning are the vibrant illustrations of bento.
Here she mixes enchantment and intrigue with stunning descriptions of rural life.
But over the last two decades, this innovative system was exploited to stunning excess.
With a lightweight video camera along for the ride, the resulting videos include some stunning images of our blue planet.
And if they lose this game, it can't help but take a little shine off that stunning victory four years ago.
In short, far from representing social progress, family change represents a stunning example of social regress.
And it opened my eyes to what, in effect, was a stunning change in the way evidence gets presented.

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