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Sometimes they were too stunned and deafened and dazed to do anything but surrender, or rather, try to do so.
She even renamed a character by changing the spelling and was apparently stunned that readers noticed and cared.
But the scale of its defeat stunned even party diehards.
Fifteen hundred people perished with her, a loss that stunned the world.
Most people in the student's department were stunned that she would request a change from a chair who was so widely respected.
In fact, scientists are stunned at the area's recovery.
He was stunned by the fall and had his head cut open.
Stunned by their fury, the government hastily scrapped the age limits.
On a hillside a half-mile away, saddened mourners and stunned citizens have gathered daily for three months.
My freshmen are often stunned to learn that this is not how it's going to be.
The backlash against the big three main parties stunned politicians and commentators alike.
The stunned fish is then pulled into the sea anemone's hidden mouth.
His audience of financiers and policy wonks was stunned.
Whoever has higher priority goes first, and then the other player can activate if they're not stunned.
He recalls the president's stunned disbelief when he told him that he could run up more debt than all his predecessors combined.
It stunned the locals, who faithfully plug in their engine warmers each night.
After a moment of stunned quiet, tourists at the site busily snap pictures with cameras and cell phones.
The survivors were so stunned with the appalling disaster that few could do anything for themselves or others.
The federal agents were stunned by the extent of it.
He tells the story of the arrest with determined, slow speech--bored with the familiar narrative, still stunned by the details.
It was the first time anyone had physically abused him, and he seemed stunned.
Stunned and depressed, she sent out résumés, but figured she had a little time to recover.
White for bliss and blind for sun and stunned for liberty.
During these days, the commander seemed to be stunned.
Deaf to argument, haply they might be stunned into sobriety.
It does not mention the scandal that damaged his once-stellar reputation and stunned his colleagues in the field.
He didn't know what their collections budget would be for books or databases, and seemed stunned by the question.
But a surprise ruling by a lower court last week left the stem-cell community stunned.
Heads turned as the alarmed captain looked on in stunned disbelief.
The pedestrians on both sides of the road are stunned, and the cyclists get off their bicycles.
We looked at the water, expecting to see some stunned river fish float up, but nothing happened.
He left the room swaying slightly, fatigued and stunned by the experience.
Scientists have been stunned by the implications of these findings.
We can only be stunned at the memory powers of the actors on such a schedule.
They were stunned to find everything exactly as it was the day of the earthquake.
Then citizens were stunned to learn what had happened to the prisoners.
Yet it is so compelling that audiences often sit in silence after watching the film, stunned by the emotional violence of it all.
The pirates turned around, completely stunned-they had been tricked into thinking the navy crew was dead.
The rubbing causes the stunned, sometimes headless bee to flush its toxins.
The lifeguard survived, but the community was suitably stunned.
Cook says he was stunned, but he didn't press any further.
She looked fatigued and drawn, stunned and maybe a little scared.
Friends were stunned that they were finally making headlines.
Louie then dragged himself up, and the three sat there, stunned but uninjured.
Tipper was reported to be stunned, believing she had been cast aside because she was no longer useful.
They were a people who had been let out of jail, and they wandered the streets with the same stunned disbelief.
After several moments of stunned silence, one source says, the call ended.
If he sounded a little stunned, it wasn't surprising.
The philanthropist is in seclusion now-friends say he is stunned and distressed-but his is a story that deserves telling.
But these stiff, cold-stunned turtles could only float on the surface, so they were easy to find and recover.
All cattle are humanely stunned by a method that does not inject air into the cranial cavity.
It stunned the nation and became an important catalyst for religious and cultural transformation in the early republic.

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