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Example sentences for stung

And when the slap connected with his wet cheek, the loud clap stung my face in a phantom sort of way.
He joined in the general celebration, but his lack of complete enthusiasm really stung.
The vans still smoldered and set an acrid tang in the air which stung bitter in the back of the throat.
Mona began to cry, snorting and croaking in a way that stung my ear and rang against the fragile skull box of my brain.
Getting stung by a jellyfish is among summer's beach bummers.
She didn't know this until she was stung and it swelled to a quite large size.
The wind stung at my cheeks and my eyes watered a little.
The air is stung with the scents of salt and bird droppings.
Afterward, back in the truck, a yellow jacket flew in and stung me on the neck.
Get the bee-stung look-and no, we're not talking about your lips.
He who has been stung by a scorpion is afraid of its shadow.
Right so came an adder out of a little heath bush, and it stung a knight on the foot.
Right then came an adder out of a little heath-bush, and stung a knight on the foot.
The first company to really raise prices will get stung by consumer groups.
Stung by a scandal, the government aims to block drug money.
Most people stung by a wasp will have only swelling, itching, and pain at the site of the sting.
Best of all, in spite of the price, you can't get stung.
The collapse of residential values stung almost all homeowners.
If you take care while hunting, you can avoid getting stung.
Stocks stung by cautious profit outlooks, rising oil.
If you are stung, rinse the area with cool, fresh water and seek medical attention if necessary.
He's been stung by a scorpion and has cut his wrist to the bone with a machete.
If you've been stung or bitten and know you are allergic, seek immediate medical treatment.
Some people, who mistakenly tried to shoo them away, got stung.
To help avoid being stung, shuffle your feet as you wade into the water.
Travelers are advised to be alert to these dangers to avoid being bitten or stung.
If you are stung, remove embedded stingers as quickly as possible.
People who are stung should not panic and are advised to cover their heads and get away quickly.
If stung by a jellyfish apply vinegar and meat tenderizer.
Those with known allergies should carry sting treatment kits and be prepared to seek prompt medical attention if stung.
If you are stung, wash the wound with vinegar or rubbing alcohol.
His eyes stung from the salty water and he thought his lungs were going to explode.
Seek immediate medical attention if you are stung and have symptoms of a systemic allergic reaction.

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