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Film footage showed the huge, deep-sea squid use its glowing arms to blind and stun its prey.
They swat or bat their bills from side to side in order to stun their prey, feeding on the fish until they're all gone.
Jellyfish have tiny stinging cells in their tentacles to stun or paralyze their prey before they eat them.
These crustaceans can close their giant claws so violently that they snap shut with a deafening sound used to stun prey.
Many poor fishermen add to reef destruction by using cyanide to stun and capture live fish for the aquarium trade.
On other reefs around the world, collecting is more aggressive: fishermen use cyanide to stun fish, making them easy to scoop up.
Winter-white petals stun with their geometric shape.
And herds of howling wolves that stun the sailors' ears.
But the military has only used the stun guns sparingly in the field.
While this is going on, bad guys flying around the level can stun you.
The first thing that occurs to me is the serious question of why the boarders were not armed with stun guns.
The sound is used both to stun prey and to communicate with other members of the same species.
Goodman's dismissal must have stun- ned him, but it didn't derail him.
In his pock- ets were a handheld police scanner and an electric stun gun.
So one time he's out there by the barn, and he hits the steer a good one with the ax, and it drops stun down.
Being the target of rubber bullets and stun grenades is not supposed to be a part of direct action.
As stun grenades explode and bullets fly through the air, terrified residents scurry for cover.
The second are game wardens, who stun with tranquilizer darts, then insert tracker microchips into the horn.
It may stun you to hear this, but not every content owner agrees.
The defendant used a remote stun gun or an authorized remote stun gun in the commission of the offense.
The units stun the fish momentarily, and they float to the surface for evaluation.
In that process an electric current is used to temporarily stun the fish so they float to the top.
They are actually shocking the water with a strong electrical charge to stun the fish into submission so they can be collected.
The suspect was in possession of a hand gun and an electric stun gun.

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