stumped in a sentence

Example sentences for stumped

Doctors who originally were stumped now know what caused the brain hemorrhage.
But since then, scientists have been stumped about how they got there.
They only call for help if there's a broader network problem, or if they're truly stumped.
Astronomers are, however, somewhat stumped for a complete explanation.
The government let foreigners decide what to invest in, and then stumped up a hefty share of the money required.
But bankers are stumped when it comes to getting government out of housing.
The puzzle stumped scientists for more than a decade, but gamers solved it in three weeks.
So to be stumped, even for a moment, when seeing such a picture is disturbing.
Stumped by a smaller, worried-looking fish, she paused and frowned.
What stumped him, though, were the conventions of opera.
If anyone had asked her the names of her neighbors, she would have been stumped.
Scientists are stumped over how to clear the heavens of junk left from five decades of space travel and satellite launches.
Cloning makes predictability easier and the quest of knowledge stumped.
Note these trees were stumped in a previous water shortage and brought back into production.
When first found, the bug stumped authorities trying to identify it.
But the ordinary, everyday responses of plants to light are deceptively complex, and much about them has long stumped scientists.
Students were stumped by the instructor's request that they write about the plays before being told what the plays meant.
As the vet packs up, he is stumped as to why a steer is frothing at the mouth and cannot bit and chew.
You're obviously stumped here about the source of these mailings.
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