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The politician who loses a word on the tip of his tongue during a stump speech is experiencing the sin of blocking.
He has since repeatedly mentioned the highway in a standard stump speech on his environmental accomplishments.
Eventually, she began to draw crowds as she sang, played her accordion and gave her stump speech at county fairs.
If you listen to her stump speech, she is emphasizing economic issues more than social issues.
Today, the only mention of corporations in his stump speech is a demand that the corporate-tax rate be lowered.
Now, at a fundraiser at a small-town golf club, he is preparing to recycle his stump speech once again.
The stump speech is competent, but it is the content rather than any oratorical flourish which draws cheers.
Having done all that, they then have to devise a stump speech that will thrill these targets to the bone.
She modified her stump speech, trying to sound more empathetic by talking softly and taking more questions from the audience.
His stump speech offers a simple two-part explanation of what has gone wrong.
Wait there's something about a politician's stump speech on the radio.
Learn a stump speech about you and your employer to answer the booth staff's questions.
The argument does not anywhere rise above the level of a stump speech.
He attempted to make a stump speech afterwards, but the angry audience would not have it.
It was more in the nature of a stump speech than an organic law.

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