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He has since repeatedly mentioned the highway in a standard stump speech on his environmental accomplishments.
The stump of the once-glorious dome is now covered with wooden scaffolding.
When the gene is absent, the worm forms a stump with random junk from other parts of its body, but no brain.
Beauty's current stump is useless for hunting food, so a biologist has been hand-feeding the bird with forceps.
Around the bottom of his right leg were two tourniquets and a white bandage covering another stump.
She has even found what appears to be a redwood stump literally ripped apart by the great quake.
As a result, stump sprouting has been key to the survival of the redwoods throughout the logging era.
In short, media companies depend on people's willingness to stump up for multi-channel television each month.
As a result, they have legions of fans who are prepared to stump up for concert tickets.
His stump speech offers a simple two-part explanation of what has gone wrong.
Although subjects easily answered simple problems expressed in mathematical symbols, words continued to stump them.
Then he cut as quickly as he could and cauterized the stump with a red-hot ax.
Many stick insects have wings, some spectacularly beautiful, while others resemble little more than a stump.
It's packed with pictures of your favorite animals, games, and zillions of fact to wow your friends and stump your parents.
He had to eat food cooked on a fire which was fed with wood which had grown out of the stump of a tree which had been cut down.
Other mammals including the red wolf and stump-tailed macaque might also be hybrids.
His stump aches when he stands on it, and it swells when he sits too long.
Firms must persuade people to pay for their products, and to stump up more for them.
Good economic policy often makes for unpopular stump speeches.
They will certainly have to stump up more capital to trade, making the market less attractive.
But unless outsiders stump up a lot more money, countries in the region will remain reluctant partners.
Debates today seem to be a kind of imagistic chess in which stump speeches and stock phrases are moved about to attract attention.
To explain, he crouched in the dirt, pointing to a double stump that he grafted together in his kitchen last winter.
Listen to politicians' stump speeches, and it will be seconds before you hear them extol their unique leadership qualities.
The animal's horns have been sawed off at the stump.

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