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Imagine an impressionable coworker stumbling in on that scene.
The hallway was filled with smoke and with coughing, bleeding people who were stumbling around, disoriented.
If stumbling into quicksand ranks on your list of worries, don't panic.
The horses were stumbling on the slippery rocks and the mules had that mean glint in their eyes-but then, so did we.
But the project has encountered an unexpected stumbling block.
The stumbling global economy, however, does mean shoppers are cutting back.
We were stumbling up the lava flow and trying to pick up lava rocks as souvenirs.
After daybreak, the rumor of a tap with running water sent her stumbling in a panic through the slum's narrow corridors.
Somehow, we'll find them-at this rate, by stumbling over them at random.
If you reach a stumbling block, try using the one-minute struggle.
Research has found that the need for remedial math in college is a major stumbling block toward graduation.
The stumbling blocks in our hiring were related to faculty lines, salary, and start-up costs.
Paradoxically, people might join because they don't want their intelligence to be a stumbling block in social situations.
With only two days left to go, negotiations for a new climate treaty were stumbling toward stalemate.
Some even sued, claiming the company's executives misled investors about how badly it was stumbling.
Here they come, stumbling up the steps, dizzy from rum and sunstroke.
But perhaps the biggest stumbling block is that the technique can also cause cancer.
And that highlights a big potential stumbling-block for vertical farming.
And the common answer is that companies are stumbling to find new ways to manage their relationships with their customers.
Creative ideas always have stumbling blocks on their way such as funds.
And magazine buyers tend to enjoy the serendipity of stumbling upon something that turns out to be fascinating.
It is the latest misadventure for a government that has been stumbling since its inception.
Both have been big stumbling blocks for computer scientists working on artificial intelligence.
Half the fun is stumbling upon it somewhere unexpected.
Telamon rushes on, but stumbling at a projecting root, falls prone.
But the devils found means to throw a stumbling-block in their way.
The minute was so chosen that it was impossible to refuse, and the visitor squeezed his way through, hurrying and stumbling.
When the economy is stumbling, the deficit is an albatross.
And to-day the doctrine of evolution is an equal stumbling block.
Still, in the fuel-cell context, the device's lack of moving parts would no longer be a conceptual stumbling block.
One of hydrogen's biggest stumbling blocks to use as an alternative fuel is the amount of energy needed to produce it.
He was leader, and for want of him a great party must go leaderless and stumbling to a long series of defeats.
Concerns about reliability have long been a stumbling block for the cloud-computing industry.
But in practice, service quality is still a major stumbling block to widespread implementation.
No single piece of this technology poses a fundamental stumbling block.
She led us stumbling across a number of broken tombs, holding a large key that in my memory seems almost a foot long.
Many of them may be going through the same difficult decision process and coming up against the same stumbling blocks.
But the candidates went further, stumbling over each other to object to vaccine mandates generally, if not coherently.
Gil is a stumbling contemporary neurotic thrown in among artists with seemingly dauntless strength.
But even they, the survivors, were stumbling out of the smoke into a different world.
He finally let go of the note, stumbling a bit to the side as he finished.
In danger of freezing, they abandon hundreds of pounds of the meat, and run stumbling up the hill toward town.
Everything seemed easier now that it was an exercise of her will and not a stumbling in the darkness.
Domestic dogs do so from time to time, and they end up stumbling about and frothing at the mouth.
The main stumbling block there is the scale of investment.
In the developing world, cost, durability and ease-of-use are stumbling blocks for many medical technologies.
Another common stumbling block was insulation ratings for houses.
Stumbling when answering such questions out of the blue isn't an evidence of lack of patience, but rather a lack training.
Bit of a stumbling block and quite besides my overall opinion on bonobos which is clear.
The biggest stumbling block, however, is the simplest: interstellar distance.
One of the the biggest stumbling block for them seems to be miracles.
They thought it was funny to see me stumbling around.
The filth was horrible, and there was nowhere to walk without stumbling on something.
The sheer number of bullets looks to be a key stumbling block in the defense's case.
They punch wildly, sometimes hitting the opponent's face or body, more often hitting air and stumbling off balance.
Owners frequently notice obscure lameness, stumbling and incoordination.
The biggest stumbling block in any forms management program is the office copy machine.

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