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Still not fully awake, you stumble into the bathroom and slip out of your cotton pajamas.
Stumble upon your creative self and make things happen.
Even departments that firmly believe in trying to make searches as professional and humane as possible can stumble.
One by one the crew members stumble out, vomiting yellow and white foam, their faces horrifically reddened and swollen.
Occasionally, researchers stumble across something extraordinary in a system that has been studied for decades.
Some would stumble as they walked or have uncontrollable tremors.
The ants can't cross the petroleum jelly, and the bees won't stumble into it.
By watching him stumble through a problem, students see the process better, he argues.
Even political campaigns can stumble on to something important.
The chances are you would stumble before even stepping off the kerb.
It is not possible to walk in the trench, only to stumble.
Its funny how people totally isolated in thinking start to stumble on to the same ideas around the same points in time.
Agents looking for moonshine stills stumble into meth labs.
In this action adventure, five wilderness greenhorns on a hiking trip stumble across the remains of a skyjacker.
Its economy may well stumble during the next year or so.
And occasionally, they may stumble in their well-rehearsed lawyerly swagger.
They stumble across a lamp and release a genie, who offers them each a wish.
They stumble and are consumed by their own insecurities.
Big promises stumble mostly on one's supporters, not on one's opponents.
Along the way, walkers may stumble upon some mysterious chalk art.
It's not a discovery, it's a stumble into the past, serendipity.
No horse is so good but that he will at times stumble.
Before the appearance of the book the student had been left to stumble as he could toward his bibliography.
Hike up in the hills and you practically stumble on tunnels abandoned during the gold fever search for bigger and better.
We hunch beneath a low overhang and stumble into a gantlet of skulls.
The compact menu keeps pace with only an occasional stumble.
Even failed comedies sometimes stumble upon a laugh.
It should be as simple and as conversational as possible so that the reader doesn't stumble over complicated sentences.
In some respects, this stumble reflects gaming's new popularity.
Even if the heavyweights stumble, smaller firms are ready to take up the baton.
If rivals stumble or fail, that may be down to their own inefficiency or poor products, and not because they were preyed upon.
Yet the bank has continued to stumble, with investment-banking revenues proving a disappointment.
But it means that any project, however simple, is likely to stumble over a lot of other networks on the way.
If the world economy does stumble, policymakers will have to act quickly.
It is where prices and markets do not operate properly that this benign trend begins to stumble, and the genuine problems arise.
When house-price rises flatten off, and therefore the room for further equity withdrawal dries up, consumer spending will stumble.
When you spend time in research, it is easy to stumble upon interesting thoughts or ideas.
They would stumble about on the queen-size sofa in her room, neither of them really knowing what to do.
In theory, you stumble across this code on a billboard on a magazine page and you point your smartphone at it.
Certainly, some flippers will be savvy or lucky enough to stumble upon will buyers here and there.
Even when they might inadvertently stumble onto something close to the truth.
They're now working on applying the same techniques to the robot so that it can recover from a stumble while walking.
They will take delight if you stumble, believing your reversals of fortune are deserved.
They drive on dark roads and then get out of the car and stumble uphill through the underbrush.
The blinkered, semi-unconscious sinners stumble toward grace-a moment of clarity, of self-realization.
But it inhabits a far-off, secret place that few travellers will stumble upon.
It's the sort of book that, once you stumble across it, you can't imagine not having read.
Say you stumble onto the topic of people's intentions.
Twenty minutes later monks, alone or in pairs, stumble out of their dorm rooms and roll down the cobblestones to their church.
As war stories are traded at three open bars, slowpokes stumble in, sapped of energy.
By trying to make sure they don't stumble, they trip themselves up.
To do this, some animals take chemical cues from the urine they stumble upon.
When he isn't hosting whatever program one finds him in, he tends to stumble and ramble a bit.
If science writers stumble into my blog, they surely make loud barfing noises.
If you stumble across it on the radio, there are many folks who can't tell if what they're hearing is good, bad or blah.
Sometimes an interesting idea is something you stumble upon.
But he is not the first to stumble on this question.
Computer makers stumble through a glitch-filled week.
As stocks stumble, fixed annuities are suddenly hotter.

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