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Any money donated to college athletics is basically stuffed down a rat hole.
He doesn't have a stuffed animal pigeon, or any birds for that matter.
Ditto if you find an envelope stuffed with cash hanging out of a mailbox.
The shoe had sprung free from gear stuffed between me and my three colleagues packed into a tiny prop plane.
But you're totally stuffed up, so you experience this moment of complete panic because you can't get enough air.
She would make bizarre purchases--a stuffed fox one day and a dozen snakebite kits the next.
Surprisingly, toddlers speak in more complex sentences when alone in their crib chatting with their stuffed toys.
Therapists keep stuffed animals in their offices for exactly that purpose.
Which are pretty much stuffed to the gills wit modeling and subsequent judgement calls etc across disciplines.
The only thing that seems to stop people is the discomfort of your stomach being stuffed full of food.
Should have stuffed everything in my suitcase and held it on lap if necessary.
We've used them in a burger topping, in layered salads, and we've even stuffed them with herbed cream cheese.
They are smuggled in thermoses and nylon stockings, stuffed into toilet paper tubes, hair curlers and hubcaps.
Squash blossoms are delicious stuffed, battered and fried.
While investigating an abandoned munitions depot, they found it stuffed with police records.
Inside, dangling from a key ring, was a green clay olive stuffed with a pimento-red ribbon.
Place in the centre of each a stuffed olive, made by removing stone and filling cavity with sardine mixture.
The spout of pot should be covered or stuffed with soft paper to prevent escape of fragrant aroma.
To guard against this, a thick and well-stuffed doublet was worn underneath, under which was commonly added an iron breastplate.
The sockets were stuffed with linen, and the two ends of the roller were rammed tightly into the sockets.
Another of the mansion's unusual objects is a stuffed rat playing the violin.
He'd already decided to have them deboned and knew exactly how he wanted them stuffed and prepared-one inside the other.
It is difficult to image how a genie of your readers' discontent and disappointment can now be stuffed back into its lamp.
They argue that farmed fish is fatty, dyed, polluting and stuffed with antibiotics.
It featured stuffed ballot boxes and repeat voting, ballot slips scattered in gutters, trashed polling stations and intimidation.
The opportunities for envelopes stuffed with banknotes to change hands are thus minimised.
It is also stuffed full of durable companies that have survived hyperinflation and two world wars.
Among the postbag that the fund received were some vicious and obscene letters, and several stuffed with excrement.
Two further layers of padding will also be stuffed into capital cushions.
He even tried to launch the hollow aluminium arm of a chair, stuffed with propellant, into orbit.
Home-run-swatting ball players are handed a plush stuffed animal when they cross the plate.
The bottles are delivered to your home or your office in the mornings in a box stuffed with freezer packs.
Appetizer selections include roasted peppers with anchovies, baked clams, stuffed mushrooms and fried zucchini.
Entrée options include lamp chips, gyro meat, lemon chicken and broiled grouper stuffed with feta and spinach.
He grabbed her hair and stuffed the knickers in her mouth.
Our cells are packed with various protein-stuffed sacs, each dedicated to carrying out essential tasks.
We raise money and hire local artisans to make stuffed animals and distribute them in their communities.
For good measure they occasionally dive-bombed the animals with a stuffed owl slung from an ingenious network of pulleys.
He was standing in the playpen, happily hitting her over the head with a stuffed dinosaur, and laughing.
Maybe other parts of the universe are stuffed with life, and we're an outlier.
They gave me a pill to make me ditzy and stuffed me into the tube.
My small menagerie of stuffed animals was well-loved.
We have mountainous landfills stuffed to the gills with usable materials.
Most museums have back rooms stuffed with things that never go out for display.
Every few minutes one of them pulls out his clay-stuffed trunk and aspirates it into his mouth.
And on the floor below, she stuffed my wallet behind the ice machine.
We took off our boots and stuffed our socks and belts in them.
It is full of stuffed and mounted animals ranging from a tarantula to a mountain goat.
And they were painting all the little pieces of brain before they stuffed them in the head.
Stuffed rabbits wearing pearl necklaces are grouped on a table playing cards.
The pain of that thing coming out each time and then being stuffed back in.
He stuffed the buckle in her mouth with her broken upper denture.
It was a sizable propane tank stuffed with high explosives.
To keep them happy and quiet, the police stuffed them full of food.
Boned stuffed chicken with straw potatoes, carrots, and asparagus.
In a dish of grilled squid, the sepia tails are basically sausage casings, stuffed with a spicy mix of chorizo and rice.
Next, he showed his visitors an alcove that had once been stuffed with filing cabinets.
She discovered that they were stuffed with corpses, many of which had been dismembered.
Behind them, in the display window, a stuffed grizzly bear reared up on its hind legs.
If animals used in a movie are frozen or stuffed, the unit requires proof that they showed up on set that way.
Modesty and courtesy came naturally to him, but he was stuffed with surprises.
He patted the stuffed bag he carried, and there hung down a little closed claw.
Manufacturers of stuffed animals are held accountable.
Every opening exists to be stuffed, all flesh to be carved off the bone.
The stuffed animals described below have eyes with washers on the back.
The bug has a blue stuffed round face with a red musical nose that blinks when pressed.
Bake sausage in the oven by placing the stuffed casings or foil on a rack in a baking pan.
The taste is exactly the same as stuffed dates-different in form, that's all.
She never played with dolls, preferring stuffed animals instead.

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