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As the hardest substance known, diamond is ideal for cutting rock and other tough stuff.
IN almost every instance the sole reason to stuff one food with another is appearance.
One of his research fellows was producing exciting data, the kind of stuff that could shake up a field.
The best stuff is not always the latest stuff, after all.
One of the best ways to conserve water is to buy recycled goods, and to recycle your stuff when you're done with it.
Everybody trying to grow stuff has all the same challenges.
They are composed not of keratin, the stuff of fingernails, but of bone.
Gives you a mission, and they're small enough to stuff in a pocket.
Stuff to be set in motion and stuff you could move yourself.
The move puts colleges at odds with major food corporations and with a public that buys the stuff in record amounts every year.
But for one week each year, they stop to dance and strut their stuff.
Theoretical walker struts its energy-efficient stuff.
But you would not, of your own volition, spend an entire weekend drinking the stuff.
Stuff fresh poblano chiles with corn, jalapeño, and jack cheese polenta.
It's incredible to me that this stuff is even possible.
There's only so much tangible stuff any of us need, can use, will enjoy.
Although no one knew what the stuff is made of or how it works, scientists could see from its effects that it is out there.
They'd turn it into new cardboard boxes to hold the manufactured stuff they shipped to us.
Of the stuff that appears only in daydreams and movies best viewed under the influence of drugs.
What goes for crude oil also applies to the stuff squeezed out of vegetable matter.
For some people, this is cause to pinpoint the products that use the stuff.
Once this stuff goes on the garden, my plants are going to be so happy and healthy that it will all be worth it.
You've seen the movies, now see the stuff that was in the movies.
It's the stuff of science fiction: paralysis at the flip of a switch.
Stuff with sliced fontina cheese and roasted red peppers.
The first types is stuff they say without being prepared.
Of course, drink enough of the stuff and it really won't matter how tightly caged it is.
His sailors, meanwhile, feared that their ships would become irretrievably entangled in the stuff.
One taste will probably make you swear off the commercial stuff forever.
Good food, great scenery, all that stuff right out of the advertising brochures.
Here is a neat blog about high-end expensive stuff for rich people only.
Rockets have to be made with less stuff that can fall off and be lost.
Another way of rescuing less popular stuff is to charge more for it.
Stuff the pillow filling into the open side until the pillow is firm.
The right stuff may be a critical requirement for astronauts.
It doesn't have everything in it, but it has the important stuff organized so it's much easier to find.
It may be tough to get a grant through to test any of this stuff.
Back to the stuff about vesting: of course you always own your own money.
Or you could avoid sweating the small stuff altogether.
Tame stuff by today's standards but novel enough, back then, to gain notice.
It is the soufflé that reveals whether you've got the stuff to whisk your way to culinary respectableness.
Congressmen spend every waking minute raising the stuff.
The point is, it's far better if the stuff doesn't get into the ocean in the first place.
Stuff a few pieces of blue cheese into the cut top of each fig.
The residues of the cores are near the moon surface, and released some amount of that stuff.
As many as four litres of water are used to make a litre of the bottled stuff.
After all, rebelliousness can be the stuff of creativity in filmmaking, graphic art and design.
Behold a few glimpses of the amazing stuff they're doing.
But you need to know that some mean stuff is going down.
These researchers have made the dark stuff theory more plausible.
You, using less gas and buying less stuff will rebuild the ozone.
There was the flat stuff that grows directly on concrete.
Everyone is suffocating under the weight of owning too much stuff.
Some tombs and city walls that were reinforced with the stuff are still standing.
And of course, there's also lots of stuff to buy for the bees.
Sample it before you buy to make sure you're getting the good stuff.
And when you combine limited government with incompetent government, lethal stuff happens.
But if it really works, or it's really funny and it's something worth keeping, you try to remember that stuff.
But even then, he said there was plenty of stuff he wasn't going to tell us.
Imagine bubbles floating before your eyes, filled with cool info about stuff you see on the street.
But it is somewhat habit forming so only take this stuff if you don't have issues with habit forming drugs.
What was once the stuff of science fiction, the recipe for creating deadly viruses, is now a frighteningly real possibility.
It will keep you from having to use the yucky old stuff because you don't have time to prep new stuff.
And, indeed, the case for buying the stuff without a doctor's prescription is gaining ground.
It's the sort of soft question you might ask an interviewee to put them at ease, before you get on to the difficult stuff.
Yet when it comes to buying or eating foreign stuff, they are as enthusiastic.
However wrapped up in sonorous stuff about synergy, plenty of mergers begin with sheer executive boredom.
Foreigners seem keener to sell stuff for yuan, rather than buy stuff with them.
Demand for the stuff has grown rapidly, along with the region's economies.
His gradual realization that it was a losing contest would have shattered him had he been of any but the strongest stuff.
Stuff, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and brush over with lemon juice.
We must now look more closely at these elements and acquaint ourselves with the stuff of language.
It was that infernal stuff which led to my coming here,-that, and a foggy night.
For the stuff they had was sufficient for all the work to make it, and too much.
It's undeniably an adventure to stuff sausages, but well worth it.
And we're not talking stuff-in-your-purse toy dogs either.
Look around my house, and you will find some weird stuff.
The first law of thermodynamics-- that's heavy stuff.
Not only will it drive the cost of food up, but the stuff becomes fairly toxic when it is burned.
All the stuff the water had been carrying along in swifter waters starts to fall to the bottom of the river as sediment.
It's kind of sobering to realize how serious he was about all this stuff.
Every time you see bright stuff, somebody turns on the rain machine.
And then we're coming down on a given day and handing them the stuff that we've been rewriting and rewriting.
At her height, her power and reach was the stuff of royalty.
It's your digital memory or the place to store stuff when you want to remember it.
And this stuff doesn't always come nicely packaged with detailed instructions and lesson plans.
The rich are different from you and me: they have more stuff.
It's there because cooks put this stuff on everything they eat.
Update: shelf lining, that waffly stuff, is the perfect stabilizer.
Shagbark hickory syrup was the stuff of family legend.
So this is not the stuff of reverential foodie-worship.
Food of the future used to be the stuff of science fiction.
It's also delicious, even more deeply flavored than the usual stuff.
Stuff large cavity with onion and thyme sprigs and tie drumsticks together with kitchen string.
Must be intense stuff to be dangerous at such low levels.
It's a stuff thicker than thin, sweeter than tart, soul mate to fruit.
My greeting disappeared into the thick, walls of other people's stuff.
The technology industry brings us a smorgasbord of wonderful stuff that goes on forever.
But in the meantime, raise a cheer for those flip-floppers who actually got stuff done.
There's always a choice, when you're writing: you can either go for the joke or you can go for the story, the important stuff.
Backstage stuff, and so on but it kept being a distraction.
After you do your first five or six shows, you kind of get used to it, and you have a little more time to kind of do stuff.
Then peddle the stuff to as many papers as will take it.
Photos disappear into the sunlight, books get eaten by all sorts of insects and stuff.
She's had shows and she can sell stuff when she wants, but mainly she makes them as gifts for people.
Until relatively recently this was the stuff of which mythological studies were made.
The planet is running short of the easy stuff, where you stick a drill in.
But the difference between me and the officers who're doing this stuff is that my job is to remain neutral about it.
More general defects are also obvious when the stuff is consumed in bulk.
When the magnesium is all converted into magnesium oxide you return it to the store and get some new stuff.
We tax the stuff they can't compete with us on and create higher prices here so people can afford to buy less stuff.
The problem is that the buyers of new technology cannot possibly utilize all this stuff.
Phantom arms, legs, fingers and toes: seemingly the stuff of horror movies.
While concepts can influence people to consume more physical stuff, they can also encourage them to consume less.
But astronomers know it is there because of its gravitational effect on the visible stuff.

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