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She began by creating a private sanctuary at the back of the property, off the existing studio.
Later the family may turn it into a studio, office, or guest house.
Clamp one end to a table and you've got a flexible studio mount for a strobe.
Someone's voice can be transformed into another personality's voice with modern studio equipment.
With the turn of a crank, slowly a big iron door slid back, allowing the chimps access to their impromptu photo studio.
The magazine's editors shot the map in an on-site studio utilizing halftone, an early photographic technology.
The antechamber to the artist's studio is recreated in the exhibition.
As a result, almost every trade by a studio would be an insider bet.
For you guys it seems to be the opposite-that the live show is an attempt to recreate the studio magic.
Soon after his detention, a dozen officers arrived at his studio.
It was the last public link to an empire that once included the largest private film studio in the world.
As a result, there are a wide range of capabilities to be found in today's selection of studio software.
Faculty members are expected to remain current in the knowledge and practice in their respective studio art expertise.
My first yoga studio was in a converted garage behind the food co-op where my roommate worked.
Maybe it's different in studio, but in ah, it shows that you're serious about your field and engaged in the discipline.
But her colleagues said there wouldn't be time to walk all the way across campus to her studio.
One plan, for example, envisioned lofts and studio spaces for artists.
Faculty offices on mezzanines overlook open studio spaces.
He set up a makeshift studio in an empty storefront across the street from where he lived.
So it keeps me outside the studio trying to figure out who my next participants and donors are.
Stepping inside, a curious tourist found a studio overflowing with pots.
Through trial and error, he has adapted studio photographic techniques to the process.
The cost of a blockbuster does not vary based on the size of the studio producing it.
Digital technology has made the private recording studio itself into a new kind of musical instrument.
He was struck by their talent, and invited them to his studio.
Or maybe it's because multimillion-dollar studio budgets went into creating them.
And in a studio you tend to also no matter which microphone you use.
The tour also makes stops in other production areas, including a special-effects studio.
He needs to have lots of people around him in the studio.
It was during a period of convalescence in a studio apartment in early spring that a friend brought her the flowerpot.
Twice he tells us that he feels someone is in his studio, staring at him behind his back.
Use gaffer tape, point the mic and voila, you have a home studio.
Stars in those days acted out studio-created liaisons, while their private lives remained mostly out of sight.
The reason screenwriters are so often replaced is that the script is the easiest element for the studio to change.
Meanwhile, the usually meticulous director films the grand political stage with a generic studio realism.
Such a society could engender studio unity and promote the motion-picture business.
The studio mind-set quickly proved anathema to the indie business, however.
It's an amazing and strange place in general, this part of the country, and he's friends with this guy who owns the studio.

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