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They worked to protect the privacy of users studied.
He suspects that these groups already had basic maths skills, and the reforms he studied did not teach more advanced maths.
For years, scientists had studied blood for genealogical clues.
She's studied how humans adapt their motor and cognitive skills in weightlessness and monitored astronauts from the ground.
He studied fossil bones, stone artifacts and cave paintings.
And buckwheat sprouts are being studied for their anti-inflammatory potential.
Bird-egg coloration has been studied for more than a century.
Jobs fairs for those who have studied abroad are suddenly popular.
Students might make posters illustrating how the works of art they studied reflect these local values and beliefs.
He is a former zoological curator and scientific journal editor, and has studied primate behavior in captive and wild primates.
She studied ancient archives, census records, old newspapers.
He's studied them, collected specimens that are displayed all over his property, and now written a remarkable book about them.
It can take decades for a new antibiotic to be studied and approved.
Retention is a puzzle that's been studied, studied, and studied some more.
The game was also rigorously studied and trained for.
Have each group create a presentation about the conflict it studied.
Occasionally, researchers stumble across something extraordinary in a system that has been studied for decades.
Most of my students are non-fine arts majors who have never studied any drawing.
Psychologists, however, have long studied the ways that external factors such as these influence our decision-making.
Student presentations should reflect a clear understanding of the information they have studied.
The left-leaning government-watchdog group studied regents' donations both before and after their appointments for its report.
Each of the candidate systems has therefore to be studied closely, to decide whether there really are planets involved.
Then they record their observations so they can be studied and shared.
But they've also requested more parking space, so the university has studied the feasibility of meeting both needs.
As a result, the measurements are likely skewed lower in the earliest years of the period studied.
But some scientists worry the technique hasn't been rigorously studied.
Scholars have studied rhythms, melodies, and harmonies for centuries.
Scientists unearthed some of the dead stumps and studied their growth rings.
Twenty percent of the native students studied abroad.
The manufacturers claim to have studied well over ten thousand players at various levels.
Covey studied a number of books about personal success before writing his own.
If you studied engineering, try your hand at economics.
Only a dozen or so of the species have been closely studied.
The organic pigments can also be studied to identify forgeries and match similar works of art.
It seems pretty clear that this could be studied on a population bases.
Have students write essays describing the pros and cons of extracting the material they have studied.
But as someone who had previously studied perception in bees, he knew that it was original, high-quality research.
Academics found it existed in every country studied.
The researchers found the same pattern in all the other cases they studied.
He studied physics at university, on the basis that it would provide a good foundation for designing prostheses.
Nearly all of the deaths you studied occurred during the swimming events.
He lets his studied neutrality slip only occasionally.
And students who had studied geography did better on the current survey.
He studied weather closely and proposed better methods for tracking storm progression.
The sea bottom had never before been studied in such detail, researchers said.
The lateral wall of this meatus can be satisfactorily studied only after the removal of the middle concha.
It might be partly owing to the studied austerity of her dress, and partly to the lack of demonstration in her manners.
Though they seem often to have misunderstood him, they had on the whole studied him with the attention he demands.
They lived and ate together, studied and worked, hoped and harkened in the dawning light.
Her father encouraged her to become a painter, and she studied art in high school.
Next the team studied how the bees back at the hive interpreted the performances given by the returning foragers.
The reported prevalence of snoring varies, and depends on the population studied and the wording of the questionnaire.
But really, who believes that an exhortation to communicate will improve communication for someone who hasn't studied it.
Hence, the goalkeeper must have studied the player's psychology too.
Although such sleep's true effects are still being studied, it is generally considered a restorative period for the brain.
They then studied images of the rats' brains to see how naltrexone affected brain activity.
The researchers studied the webs under both electron and light microscopes.
But it bears a closer resemblance to a bird than any other dinosaur yet studied, the scientists claim.
Researchers studied mice that need a lot of sleep and those who need little sleep.
More than half of the parks studied had overall air quality conditions that were fair, critical or poor.
Though less studied, cetacean matriarchs may shepherd kin to lush feeding grounds along migration routes.
Sport is a multi-billion-dollar industry, they note, but its underlying economics are rarely studied.
Again, electives may be studied via a variety of modes.
Rubbish may be universal, but it is little studied and poorly understood.
Outside experts studied the dam and ordered small changes.
By the time of his campaign, however, he had become a studied tree-hugger.
Staff at a local community college where he studied until last year summoned the police five times in response to his outbursts.
The sheriff leaned back his chair and studied the ceiling.
He studied photography in school and initially made his living as a commercial photographer.
Sharp and his colleagues studied what happened to two isotopes of the element chlorine during that process.
He studied industrial design, and his senior project required him to create something that reflected all he'd learned.
But this little-studied world between the reefs and the rain forests is also a rich environment.
Two different teams of astronomers studied a brief but powerful flash of light, called a gamma-ray burst, from the star explosion.
The small population creates the possibility that every individual animal can be tagged and studied.
The researchers then studied the intensity of the glow coming from healthy and wounded corals.
The fish has long been studied for its many unique features.
Scientists have studied less than one percent of them.
Not everyone you meet will have in-depth knowledge of what you've studied.
Some complex phenomena are studied by scientists because the phenomena themselves are interesting.
But the critic must ask why, having planned to study two subjects, he studied one so much more than the other.
His political tracts well deserve to be studied for their literary merit.
It is clear to anyone who has studied them that they could do that, and much more than that.
In her free time, she studied at illegal underground universities.
Among the best studied models in this area are birds such as zebra finches.
Social scientists have studied the nature of effective leadership for centuries with limited success.
Over the years, numerous groups have studied various ways around this problem.
Having created the materials, the researchers then studied the details of what makes them work.
Your observations that faults should be studied, is admirable.
In the past, scientists have studied various factors that limit our ability to traverse the required lightyears.
The government has also studied public response to high-speed rail, and in general the response is highly favorable.
They have been studied for decades, but seldom used for power production.
Now, this is still interesting and may have significant implications for the quantum systems being studied.
Heritability has been demonstrated in all other genuine anatomical traits studied so far.
Katharine, you've studied the impact of climate change on specific locations around the world.
Of course, some treatments don't have to be studied.
Locals knew of the peak, but biologists had never studied it.
In some people, the neurons in the regions studied fired in unison.
The students had brought their schoolwork, and studied as they sat at the counter.
He studied the withdrawal dates-few of them and far between-then closed it and put it back down.
It too contains antioxidants, although they are less well studied than tea polyphenols.
While scientists have studied influenza for many years, the nature of the disease makes it a tough enemy to combat.

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