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One also wonders if he considered the likely effect his warnings would have on a student body composed of teenagers.
The move had little to do with the wishes of either school's athletes, fans, or general student body.
Discipline was weak, gang ties intensified, and in five years a student body of eleven hundred shrank by nearly half.
He organized a meeting of the student body to protest the school's decision.
It's mostly about crafting a ceremony that appeals to the majority of the student body.
At less selective private colleges, increasing the size of the student body is a dubious strategy.
In this view, the campus will not find peace until it surgically removes these diseased members from the student body politic.
Starting slowly, it broadened the diversity of its student body, accepting more people of color and more scholarship students.
The student body is diverse and, with low tuition fees, the school is generally reckoned to be excellent value for money.
The student body is diverse and there is a strong emphasis on teamwork and a personal approach to student development.
Foremost is an unparalleled internationalism-in the student body, the faculty and the curriculum.
It will not only benefit the environment but the student body as well.
And this kind of affirmative action makes the student body less diverse, not more so.
The public seems to be undecided about the impact of changes in the gender makeup of the student body.
Candidates must demonstrate an effective teaching style that supports a diverse student body.
Colleges and universities know that the composition of the nation's student body is headed for a major change.
Colleges declare that they celebrate diversity and strive for a diverse student body.
He attributed that mismatch to the wide age distribution and other diverse demographic characteristics of the online student body.
We live in a day and age where, ever so occasionally, a fun-loving student body elects a guy as its junior prom queen.
We talk about teachers' impact vs home impact without looking at the social factor of the student body at the school.
The display honors those students and their families and publicly recognizes the diversity of the student body.
We believe the question of who comprises a student body is best made at the academic rather than the political level.
Students have the opportunity to start their own clubs that may benefit the student body and our center.
Due to our center's multi-cultural student body, careful attention is given to providing a wide variety of foods.
The entire student body would benefit from a highly unified program centered around counseling.
Those songs are still played today and demonstrate what happens when a student body's voice is stifled.

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