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Instead the focus on literacy and numeracy is gradually squeezing opportunity for student directed learning out of the curriculum.
Many experts think students shouldn't borrow beyond the federal student loan limits each year.
But many of the student leaders appear articulate and reasonable.
If a dam is built nearby, say, the student who represents water should tug on the yarn.
Any teacher can tell you that smarts alone do not a good student make.
Once it has been posted on the site, the student is notified.
If you're a college student thinking about becoming a scientist, now is the time to apply for summer internships.
There is no on-campus accommodation but plenty of student housing is available close by.
Have each student commit to doing an exploration activity on the date of their birthday each month.
Every student should take part in his or her group's presentation.
If a student was admitted, the site flashed fireworks and a congratulatory message.
Student affairs deals with issues that faculty won't, can't, or shouldn't touch.
The student body is diverse and, with low tuition fees, the school is generally reckoned to be excellent value for money.
It's the end of the semester, and we're all figuring out student grades for the semester.
However, that student would have to clearly demonstrate they understand the material.
In other words, he'd feel happy if the previous student had been happy and sad if the previous student had been sad.
Fifty-four novice student golfers were trained, under various conditions, to become highly skilled.
With the example of the student cramming, there is one other important benefit realized.
Before the appearance of the book the student had been left to stumble as he could toward his bibliography.
It's even more so when the vehicle in question is a student-built electric vehicle.
Throughout the day, the student might log in from the dorm and read email.
Have each student create a two-column chart with five rows, leaving plenty of room in each row for notes.
Give each student a pair of pictures, each depicting a different ecosystem.
The student should explain what each example represents.
Refocus student attention on the geological disasters they researched, and ask them if they know what caused the events.
After the time is up, ask a student from each group to present that group's country with the information recorded on the chart.
Ask each student to write a paragraph comparing and contrasting two continents of their choice.
Have each student select his or her favorite rock art panel from the photos and write a short story to accompany it.
Hold up the globe, and have a student volunteer pretend to be the sun.
Encircle an area around the student with the string.
It is plainly wrong for a first-year medical student to offer any sort of advice.
As a student, it can be difficult to travel if you do not have a full-time job or one with a high-paying salary.
Most are preventable, but it's easy for student athletes to overdo it.
The growth in student loans over the past decade has been truly staggering.
When it's an expression of a student's free speech, it is protected.
The same student won't necessarily be happy and successful at both places.
The vastly diverse student population is an additional challenge.
Rapidly growing student loan debt makes matters worse.
Many of our professors are missing and student organizers are moving constantly to avoid detainment.
At the end of each day, the team reaches a consensus about whether each student would be a good fit.
By design, the evaluators do not know other information about the student's application.
Each student has a role, and they work together as a team.
After all, focus brings out the best in every student.
The teacher helps fill a void left by the student's absent father.
Speaking to student groups brought her out and satisfied her lifelong urge to teach.
Student visa applicants are encouraged to apply early for their visa.
Borrowers can apply online for consolidation of their federally insured student loan debt.
Administration of student data collections and resulting reports.
He was a good student, active in student government, a cheerleader who was elected prom king.
And because the artist is a pupil of nature, he stands next to the student of nature.
Legend has it that the student's voice didn't recover for days.
He favors jeans and dark-colored shirts, and has the earnest enthusiasm of a graduate student.
My student identification card, along with my student visa, had expired a long time ago.
At eighteen, she married an older law student, but the marriage unravelled while she was still an undergraduate.
Then a former student of my father started a primary school in a town closer to school.
If you are a student, try asking the manufacturer for a discount.
The basic idea that guided the working of the first bomb was so simple that any smart high school student could understand it.
There are also many websites where a student can submit their résumés.
Parents can contact a college or graduate student if it's high-level math or science.
In this example, a student logs in to his university's site, then clicks through to a second university.

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