studding in a sentence

Example sentences for studding

Two students gave accurate definitions, the rest waffled even more about diamonds studding the tiara.
Studding a transcript with grades achieved by telling people in authority what you think they want to hear is not.
Another plot involved studding the teacher's chair with tiny gramophone needles.
Beyond those lines, the claws of bears and big cats could drag you to mouths waiting at the iron grills studding both walls.
Foundation cripple walls shall be framed of studs not smaller than the studding above.
The roofs had fallen in, but rotting floors and a few decayed studding of the sidewalls still remained.
Foundation cripple walls shall be framed of studs not less in size than the studding above.
It has a gable roof, close studding, and a later lean-to addition.
And so simply putting a double studding every four feet at the bottom, they stopped the breaking apart from that level of shaking.
The paper is put onto the studding and is covered over with the siding.
Though no part of the building rests on these they are further supported by a cross studding.
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