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Star-studded commencement speeches seem to be the best way for colleges to draw viewers.
For four days, she wore a cap studded with electrodes so that doctors could observe her brain waves and videotape her.
Only a few remaining stars studded each blob of dark matter.
Crunchy lemon-studded breadcrumbs top moist grilled trout and tender-crisp grilled radicchio in this tasty supper.
At night, dress up jeans and a linen shirt with a turquoise-studded belt or brooch.
Her iconic loaf is dense, white and crumbling, studded with raisins and caraway seeds.
Sensor-studded clothing worn by a soldier tracks his movements and vital signs.
His expansive collection of precious everyday objects includes a jewel encrusted baseball and a sapphire-studded mailbox.
The whole boat crew pauses to stare at the screen and marvel at a piece of kelp studded with fuzzy pink anemones.
Precious jewels studded his headband, from which a feather fluttered in the breeze.
The team he unveiled this past week is studded with stars of the profession.
They will spend less on loud displays of wealth, from diamond-studded tiaras to yachts too big to moor.
His tome is a litany of disappointment and frustration, studded with plenty of useful insights and anecdotes.
But two years after the theatre's star-studded official reopening, it is clear that his vision has been largely vindicated.
Cars and buses rumble along them without a worry, precisely because they have to use studded winter tyres, as mentioned above.
These are beautifully decorated, with white marble lattice and marble mosaics studded with green jade, lapis lazuli and agate.
Below me snakes a dusty ravine studded with old olive trees.
The lion's sandy color matched perfectly the rubble-studded dirt on which he was lying.
And for one star-studded evening they went back in time to re-create the dishes that made them famous.
The short-has been studded with gastronomic shrines for generations.
By night, the pitch darkness is studded with starry diamonds.
The craftsman wore gloves studded with electronic sensors that tracked his his hand movements.
The axon conducts a nerve signal by harnessing the ion channels studded along its length.
From there the signals travel down an insulated cable, which ends as electrode-studded wires snaked into the cochlea.
Even though the modern science literature is fairly studded with it.
It is a great dark medium studded with a rainbow of colored crystals.
We leave the car outside the farm and stroll under a night sky studded with stars.
There were more eruptions-a statistical certainty in the volcano-studded country.
More aptly, it is a big bland bowl of conventional wisdom studded with genuinely thoughtful or entertaining surprises.
They wore sackcloth tunics and fishnet shirts studded with crocheted pouches that were supposed to stop bullets.
Then, they are rewarded with a map studded with heart-shape icons displaying the number of listings in the area, if any.
It's sort of rubbery plastic studded with pock marks.
Each morning they would don a suit studded with embedded electronic nodes.
It's a little cake, studded with dates and served with butterscotch sauce.
Motorists using studded tires after the deadline could incur a fine from law enforcement.
The studded tire deadline has been extended one week.
Enter total fees on studded tires and stud installations.
The three finishing methods will be compared for their ability to resist the wear from studded tires.

Famous quotes containing the word studded

In June the bush we call alder was heavy, listless, its leaves studded with galls, growing wherever we didn... more
i am terrified of biographies, ... "born in australia in the emerald studded pouch of a sable coated kangar... more
Odors blown sweet as infants' naked flesh, Soft as oboes, green as a studded plain, Others, corrupt, rich ... more
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