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Example sentences for stuck up

Maybe he's so stuck up on himself that he defines reality to fit what he needs it to be today.
The thing that bothers us is that little village stuck up on the hill, where the enemy machine guns have a strong position.
And it seems that a favorite target will be people woefully stuck up in their ivory towers.
Jacques looked as if he had a bean stuck up his nose.
They all stuck up for their manners and practiced their own ripe exclusiveness and their peculiar formalities.
Do you want me to send you the photos from when he had a camera stuck up his rectum to prove it.
They are so stuck up there that you need to register using a credit card number.
The operator left the roadway to try and drive through a muddy area and was stuck up to the truck windows.
Ben, the group leader, is from a rich family so everyone thinks he is stuck up.
The pipe had been placed inside the bed of the truck, and it stuck up in the air over the cab of the truck by several feet.
One of my staff members was home for the holidays last week, and there was a cartoon stuck up on the refrigerator in her house.
Usually it was a foxhole where you laid down prone and no part of you stuck up in the air.
Short ends of horse-hair stuck up in the seat and added to the discomfort of the occupant.
They tore out the heart of another, and left it fastened on a stick stuck up beside him.

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