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Blue entrance ribbons had been stuck by their safety pins into name after name.
But none of the diets kept the weight off, and none of the exercise routines stuck.
On examining these marks more closely, they found a crocodilian tooth stuck in one of them.
Some people say they get stuck in the feelings from the past.
Being stuck in an elevator is never fun, but by and large when riding in one that's the biggest inconvenience you can expect.
If you end up stuck in a snowbank or on the side of the road, press your accelerator gently to see if you can get free.
These steps are ostensibly motivated by a desire to defend the poor from getting stuck in a debt.
Stuck in one place, plants must endure a host of pests and problems.
Last week he was in the nation's capital, stuck in an uncertain.
Barnacles are stuck to rocks, which presents a challenge for mating.
As the turtles continue to breed, the same penchant for getting stuck in the cape will expand.
They'll have fun playing with their food, and the cook won't get stuck with all the prep work.
Well, it may be better than being stuck in the house on a rainy day.
They get stuck at the dissertation because they do not know how to write one.
Subsequent examination of the beads revealed that diseased prions had stuck to the coating.
We get stuck in the mud in the first hour of the field season.
Stamens protrude beyond curved surface of flower head, giving illusion of pins stuck into a cushion.
But you and your kids will also get stuck rocking to some of contemporary music industry's dullest offerings.
And yet a whole subculture is still stuck at that first morning.
Suzanne was stuck up on the hill with nothing to watch except a group of baffled scientists pacing around.
We stuck it back on, but we're not sure the brood will survive.
As a result, we're still stuck with pills and treatments that are frustratingly ineffective.
In some places, the country appears stuck in its pre-revolutionary past.
It's believed that each of us is stuck with the number of follicles we're born with.
What's more, the plant seeds and pollen that naturally hitchhike with them are also stuck.
Getting stuck at a red light that won't change sucks.
And even though it's imperfect, with many of the nonmaterial details inaccurate, this story has stuck with me.
The ends stuck in the aioli end up soggy and overwhelmed by too much of the spicy sauce.
Merchants' worries range from running out of games to getting stuck with too much putty.
It's good to be reminded that progress continues even when the larger economy and polity are stuck in a rut.
Artificial lighting long ago reduced the importance of the moon to farmers and gardeners, but the name has stuck.
Take a look around next time you're stuck in rush hour traffic.
The majority are stuck in a crippling bureaucratic process.
She also coined the term debug was when she found the cause of an error that was actually a moth stuck in the machine.
Play this game long enough though, and you'll inevitably get stuck with a lemon.
However, the fact that the plates stop moving is not a good sign, because that indicates the fact that they got stuck.
Then, a pressure valve in the nuclear primary system stuck open allowing large amounts of reactor coolant to escape.
Without seeds that can be picked up and deposited at a distance, the clone will be immortal but stuck in place.
Its economy is simply too flexible to get stuck for too long.
Also, if you get stuck later, you'll have those old seminar papers to mine for material.
Without faster growth the rich world's economies will be stuck.
And we're still stuck with less than one in four high school seniors reaching proficiency in writing.
Getting stuck in traffic might be enough to raise anyone's blood pressure.
When a mind is stuck at a certain time, you are old.
As ruler, he was stuck there, pining for the jollity of the old days.
Let me tell you how painful it is to have them stuck in your legs so you can hardly walk.
At that point, why would anyone want to be stuck on some boring planet.
So whether we're unique or not we're probably stuck with ourselves.
On the roads there are many fancy cars both because people can afford them and because people spend so much time stuck in traffic.
After the war many areas still didn't have electricity so the idea stuck for awhile.
But if they are too large, they cannot fit into the narrow region that contains the downward flow and they get stuck near the top.
He'd stand up and take a few steps and fall down and get stuck between two things.
They might almost be partisan politicians, if they stuck to only two interpretations of the evidence.
Cook milk thirty minutes in double boiler, with fine bread crumbs and onion stuck with cloves.
When the cartridges stuck they could be removed in the same fashion.
After the second setting of his leg, the end of a bone stuck out under his knee, which was a visible deformity.
He wrenched off the garment, but it stuck to his flesh, and with it he tore away whole pieces of his body.
Dug and stuck are easier sounds than digged and sticked.
Some had eagle-down stuck on the points of their sticks.
Sometimes it slides through screens and icons with precision, and other times it gets stuck on an app and simply doesn't work.
Too many students, too often, will stop as soon as they get stuck.
And you think of how helpless they are as eggs and pupae, when they are stuck in place, unable to take evasive action.
So the minorities get bad credit ratings and the tax payer gets stuck.
Which will be good for all of those manufacturers stuck with tablet-only configurations.
But what they're really afraid of is being stuck with additional tasks.
She paused, opening her mouth to sneeze, and stuck out her arms as if to gather strength to fight it back.
The pig is stuck in the pen, his thinning squeals go up to the welkin.
And therapists often have no way of knowing when their patients are stuck at home in a dark mood.
Don't get stuck on the whole business that energy can't be destroyed.
So the next time you are stuck in earshot of squabbling youngsters, try to pardon their lack of consideration.
So any efforts to improve our energy policies will be stuck in gridlock.
Meanwhile the carriers are stuck with providing increased capacity, potentially requiring huge capital investments.
The cover over the radio sometimes jammed closed and other times stuck open.
Indeed, in many countries they are stuck in a niche.
So long as its biggest economy is stuck in a rut, the euro area as a whole is bound to remain stuck too.
It has large amounts of yuan savings that are currently stuck in low-yielding deposits or bubbly property.
But they are stuck in a niche, serving people in transit.
If a probe gets stuck, a mechanical foot can pop out to bounce it off in a new direction.
For large swathes of the brain, the neurons we're born with are the ones we're stuck with.
The light was perfect, only there was this gummed up old spider web on it with this and that stuck to it.
These are simple things that people stuck in wheelchairs don't have a chance to experience in daily life.
Having yielded their secrets, they'll be stuck back into their old skeletons.
In doing so, it also changes the shape of the sweet receptors it has stuck to, sending them into a signalling frenzy.
When he tried to speak, his tongue sounded stuck to the back of his throat.
Unable to surmount these barriers, they are stuck with small genomes and simple structures.
Midway across, her cable clamp malfunctions, leaving her stuck high above a waterway running through a quiet village.
Are you stuck in the belief that his campaign stance on things has any relation to his personal beliefs.
They stuck with data and science, got more and more intense and forceful, and forgot all about empathy.
Two other groups have since replicated the effect, but neither stuck to the original set-up.
It's not surprising that she stuck to her evolutionary theory in the face of adamant rejection.
What you may think are raisins, stuck to your legs after hours of lying on the couch, are often what scientists call leeches.
The point is, her heart stuck in her throat, always in her throat.
One month, he had vertigo every day, bouts in which he felt as if he were stuck to a wall.
The big story last summer was about the burglar who allegedly got stuck in someone's chimney and starved there.
There were protests-Californians stuck their gasoline credit cards on skewers and lit them on fire-followed by new horrors.
In his view, the reason that agriculture stuck was that an élite caste had a vested interest in the new system.
Suddenly, there's a whining sound, as if something's stuck.
All his memories had vanished, and his syntax seemed stuck in the present tense.
Don't forget what you've learned, but don't get stuck in the past, either.
He said there was still fighting and that he was stuck right in the center, unable to move.
But his followers have stuck with him for decades and seemed genuinely excited about the event.
The term stuck and remained vigorously alive well into the twentieth century.
The music seemed to have no direction, almost giving the impression of a gigantic phonograph with a stuck needle.
But the ugly image-of politicians vying to take advantage of the emotions raised by the movie-stuck.
There he was again, stuck in a world of drudgery and commitments.
So, not a good scenario at all, if you fit that description and are stuck behind that car.
What you're feeling is a loop of intestine or something where the stool is stuck for a while.
They stuck us with a totally unwelcome job and left us hanging out to dry.
Of course, they had been handpicked, but they stuck to their line.
The formality of actually typing the words presented unexpected mental roadblocks, and he kept getting stuck.
But in the end my heart is stuck on reaching people with stories on film.
How differently things would have turned out had he stuck to oil.
The surfaces remain stuck when the polymer cools down and hardens.
Next time you're stuck in traffic, take a look at the license plates on the cars around you.
Most commercial gums, on the other hand, remained stuck and were difficult to remove.
The next step in the evolution of mobile communications may be aimed at people who are stuck in the office, not on the move.
As it turned off its camera to conserve energy, the power switch stuck open.
If it is still stuck in a lab somewhere, it really doesn't mean a damned thing to those of us outside the lab.
Yo mama so fat, she jumped up in the air and got stuck.
When they're fresh, she added, their exoskeletons don't get stuck in your teeth.
Also, he was not averse to throwing ever new leading characters against the wall and seeing who stuck.
They are chimeras, composed of odd parts stuck together.
Nonetheless, the pilot was still stuck outside the window of the plane.
Distressed homeowners will be stuck with their higher interest rates.
Old things had to be thrown out or stuck deep in the stacks of the library.
As long as the general public is stuck in this cycle, the proactive measures needed to mitigate future drought are avoided.
To accomplish this, they were stuck in ice cube trays and cooled.

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