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Yet the process by which it all happened has remained stubbornly impenetrable.
In much of the deep tropics malaria persisted stubbornly.
Thank you, he said, and stubbornly insisted on giving me the chocolates.
My biggest problem with your post is its stubbornly monolithic understandings.
Four years after the onset, the foreclosure rate remains stubbornly high-and now there is a second foreclosure crisis.
Don't despair if the cake stubbornly refuses to come out of the pan.
We are stubbornly, doggedly, foot-draggingly unwilling to get with the program.
While demand for wireless data grows exponentially, the supply of available radio spectrum remains stubbornly fixed.
Taken together, all of this activity is shaking up an industry that has stubbornly resisted change.
Yet a closely related goal has remained stubbornly elusive.
Yet, one student gazing through the telescope eyepiece stubbornly insisted that he was really looking at the moon.
And yet the condition's genetic underpinnings have stubbornly resisted discovery.
All he has to do is crack a market, a market that has stubbornly resisted the notion of energy-efficient buildings for decades.
The number of hungry people in the world remains stubbornly high.
Unlike people who fly off the handle and stubbornly never let off their position in a confrontation or dispute.
Yet those instant soup cups have stayed stubbornly tall-and dangerous.
He hoped to find discrepancies that would prove the old theories wrong, but nature stubbornly persisted in proving them right.
But it was also stubbornly formless and devoid of crowd-pleasing sound bites.
Yet even as its profits have dwindled along with the mail it handles, the agency's labor costs have remained stubbornly high.
And they're by turns persistent and stubbornly resistant when it comes to their own hearts and desires.
We still cling stubbornly to the idea of an animating soul, a spiritual ghost in the biological machine.
Each model, along with her outfit, dissolved in the darkness that seemed to stubbornly hug the corners of the rectangle.
Despite three quarters of output growth, the unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high.
Yet government-bond yields have remained stubbornly low and living standards, by and large, are high.
Both the studio equipment needed to create the pictures and the sets needed to receive them have remained stubbornly expensive.
We still cling stubbornly to the idea of an animating soul, a spiritual ghost in the biological machine.
And if overall price pressure remains stubbornly elevated, inflation expectations may yet rise.
Yet the pressure to protect domestic industry and jobs will only grow as unemployment remains stubbornly high.
Month three of boot camp has begun, but the pounds stubbornly refuse to budge.
With the economy still floundering and unemployment stubbornly high, job hunting has become a second career for many people.
For the past two years, the government has stubbornly refused to cooperate with what it sees as a blatantly partisan court.
And for about a year now, the oft-predicted crisis has stubbornly refused to materialize.
It stubbornly refused to make use of the other records.
Our economy continues to face tough challenges, including stubbornly high unemployment and turmoil in the housing market.
Now it hunkers down, ready to stubbornly resist the next shaking by tectonic plates.
With our nation's stubbornly high unemployment, it would be irresponsible to let such good-paying jobs slip away.
Tuberculosis stubbornly persists as a major worldwide health problem.
The regulators, however, have stubbornly refused to regulate.
More than eight million jobs were lost, and the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high.
Sugar crystals can be stubbornly difficult to start.
Hiss's defenders stubbornly tried to rebut each revelation, but eventually they were overwhelmed.
Unemployment remains stubbornly high and employers are reluctant to hire.
The benthos, however, remained stubbornly and uniformly flat.
Three years later, foreclosures in this country are still rampant, and the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high.
The fact is that gaps for special education, low-income and minority students remain stubbornly wide.
He had confessed to a revolutionary tribunal, but he stubbornly refused to give details.
At a time when technology dominates the discussion, she is stubbornly old school.
Carr stubbornly refuses to give prepare for it or embrace it.

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