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Example sentences for stub

My cats would eat it to the stub if they had a chance.
The three friends were out to dinner a few months ago in the umpteenth restaurant that asked them to stub out their cigars.
She gets up and leans over to stub her cigarette on the ground.
On the table was a newspaper folded open at the crossword, and a stub of pencil.
By the feeble light of a candle stub, the newcomers can make out hair falling over someone's eyes.
The device's small display also has a flower that grows taller when you're active and shrinks to a stub when you're not.
The heaters would remove the necessity of the stub-ins, which could then be capped.
Came here to point out the irony of her statement based on the stub that showed up originally in my feed reader.
The quote is then remade at a lower price and followed with another stub quote.
Ed was a chain-smoker who'd take two or three puffs, stub the cigarette out, and light the next one.
The file containing these subroutines is called a debugging stub.
There are two main items that need to be in place in order to view your pay stub electronically.
Could not generate stub objects for web service invocation.
If this object is later cast to a more derived type, a new local object stub must be created.
Also ensure that the payment is postmarked no later than the date indicated on the payment stub.
You'll see the notation of the leave on the pay stub that shows hours worked during the first full pay period of the leave year.
Requires employer to indicate on a pay stub where an income deduction is for the purpose of support enforcement.
Your paycheck stub provides you with information about your hours worked, earned leave balances, and deductions.
Failure to remove the ballot stub prior to inserting the ballot into the terminal may cause the ballot to jam.
Submit the permit stub along with a fee due equal to the registration fees for the vehicle.
For mailed payments, please enclose the bill stub or write the service address on the check.
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