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Example sentences for strutting

Follow these expert tips and you'll be strutting out with more friendship bracelets and plastic harmonicas than you can carry.
Strutting about, the performers bowed while deep notes boomed from the resonant air sacs.
She kicked her foot over the furrow, and with mouth drawn down shook her head once or twice in a little strutting way.
Across the capitalist world, once-strutting tycoons are begging for state bail-outs.
Models in dagger-emblazoned silk dresses strutting while talking on cell phones.
Check out these pooches and kitties strutting their stuff.
Molly has taken to strutting around outside, showing it off and putting in double caps to really make it pop.
After spraining her ankle the previous night, she let a tap dancer do all the strutting mid-set on a different song.
Leks where it is known that there was no strutting activity through the course of a strutting season.
Females arrive about a week later and are courted by the males, who display by strutting and shaking their wings.
Turkeys have been seen strutting and pheasants heard crowing.
Strutting displays are spectacular, with tail fanning and wing-dragging.
Strutting or shop elongation is used to provide slight vertical distortion of metal pipe.
Pigeons have a strutting walk and their call is a long, drawn-out coo that can be heard quite easily.
After making several trips and seeing no activity at the site, he returned again and watched a gobbler strutting near the bait.
Males defend their territory on a lek to establish dominance and lure a mate by strutting and vocalizing.
When a tom is strutting, its head turns a bright red.
You've got to find where the birds are roosting or strutting and be ready at dawn when they fly down.
Odds are, the places where he's strutting around, there's a hen near there.
The number of sage-grouse hunting permits issued annually is based on spring strutting grounds counts.

Famous quotes containing the word strutting

The overall picture, as the boys say, is of a degraded community whose idealism even is largely fake. The pretentiousnes... more
I can live without it all— love with its blood pump, sex with its messy hungers, men with their peacock struttin... more
... the whole Wilsonian buncombe ... its ideational hollowness, its ludicrous strutting and bombast, its he... more
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