strutted in a sentence

Example sentences for strutted

Later he let me kneel in his path, eye to camera, as he strutted into the spotlight.
Following the crumbs, the pigeons strutted to the hem of the bride's train.
Once poets spoke for the age and strutted the cultural stage as stars.
Chickens roosted in nearby trees or strutted, hundreds strong, across an abutting pasture.
Usually sidelined in the seats, this time celebrities strutted the catwalk wearing red dresses by various designers.
It was obvious that he was out to write tickets, especially from the way he strutted around the courtroom.
The fitted white pantsuit in which celebrities have strutted along red carpets recently is now marching down the wedding aisle.
He strutted up to the plate, grinned, and gave a thumbs-up sign to the cheering crowd.
Under certain conditions, corrugated metal pipe be strutted.
Celebrities strutted past a throng of flashbulbs and video cameras.
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