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Every news story mentioning a professor's research is a small strut supporting our mission.
Don your costume and strut through town with masqueraders and giant puppets.
Technophiles flocked to the show to get the chance to strut their stuff.
Spectators would cheer when he brought the pipers to a halt with his signature sidestep strut.
Chickens strut around flapping their wings uselessly, looking for stuff to peck out of the ground.
So if you can, be sure to stop by to watch them strut their stuff.
In the meantime, gladiators strut around, tempting fate.
Though you strut proud of your money, yet fortune has not changed your birth.
His wing sliced through the strut that supported the other plane's wing.
The final strut of the argument is that the politics are not as bad as they seem.
They've adapted one of their wrist bones into a strut that supports their giant squishy feet.
Outside the conference room, the costumed hordes strut and mingle.
Once again, models are ready to strut and designers take their bows in the latest reenactment of the emperor's new clothes.
The dancers are always seen in full figure as they tap, strut and raise the ante of the challenge.
Don't strut around the office cheering and enlivening your co-workers.
In another room, long-haired, long-legged beauties practice the strut of catwalk models.
Surprisingly often, they find it in players who never got to strut their stuff collegiately on national television.
He studied the literature to learn how two- and four-legged animals strut and gallop, then looked at six-legged creatures.
Inside the squared circle, the wrestlers strut their stuff.
When they do get to strut their comedy wares, it can be disconcerting.
Contrary to popular belief, they do have room enough to strut and flex their wings-but not much.

Famous quotes containing the word strut

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