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Others maintained a less structured, nomadic lifestyle.
It will take a global coalition of consensus to bring about clear decisive structured plans for the mitigation of global warming.
In the wild, elephants migrate over long distances and live in well-structured social groups.
In the wild, elephants migrate over long distances and live in highly intelligent and well-structured social groups.
Exercise means walking the dog on a structured walk.
The plodding but conceptually structured organization of regular museum collections serves learning.
They're more natural in the way they're structured to stimulate the ant nests.
It isn't really fiction, but more an illustrated memoir structured as a novel.
Resistance also surfaces because medicine is not structured for group work.
There is enormous potential here for using closely structured networks to influence health behavior.
The expatriate who is employed has a better opportunity to adjust through structured interaction at work.
My university sponsors a structured, long-term mentoring program for a multidisciplinary cohort of early career faculty members.
Students alternate semesters in the college and the workplace, taking structured training for credit toward a diploma or degree.
It can be structured, however, to highlight different aspects of your experience.
Some people welcome the more structured schedule of administrative work, while others miss the freedom of the faculty life.
Indeed, the programs themselves may not be structured to offer credits usable toward a degree.
Highly structured student presentations can be successful.
Finally, develop a personal plan to fill the remaining time when you are not engaged in structured professional endeavors.
In law school, it's much more concrete, much more structured.
Digital games are flashy, but board and card games offer the advantages of structured play with a lower barrier to entry.
It has worked and then some due to how the school systems are structured within the state.
The format doesn't have to be formal or structured, but it should suit your needs and those of your peers.
Wright's role is structured mostly as a set of costume changes, but she is as strong and resilient as the material requires.
The marginal product of people who can thrive in less structured environments is increasing.
Some of these balloon mortgages are structured as interest-only loans.
Not only does it not do any good, it completely drives how departments are structured.
The desired effect for a building to have on its surroundings is structured around the human body and senses.
The protest movement, as it is presently structured, does not seem capable of either.
In one of them, we're trying to solicit some structured data.
Indeed, the sisters' day is structured around times of prayer.
Freestyle cruises are less structured and don't require fixed dinner seating.
High-end hotels offer pampered vacationers luxury accommodations and structured activities for the kids.
One market segment consists of vacationers seeking a simple, comfortable cabin, with no extra amenities or structured activities.
Campgrounds typically offer amenities and events that appeal to families, but a few provide less-structured environments.
In a time of collapsing mega-deals, a few well-structured buyouts with sound companies can still get done.
Decide whether you prefer to relax and make your own schedule, participate in structured activities or a combination of both.
Images of interacting immune cells reveal structured connections similar to the ones neurons use to communicate.
She was much more organized and structured and much more of a technician.
Their world may be almost as structured and ritualistic.
The brains of mammals are clearly structured as emotional organs.
The answer lies in the way our brains are structured.
We have used nutrition and structured behavioral methods to greatly improve behavior and performance.
The crisp joy in a charcoal tailored wool jacket fits together with the same satisfaction of a well-structured rocket engine.
All predetermined by the way energy and matter are structured.
It has evolved from a formless soup of elementary particles into the richly structured cosmos of today.
So it's not a big hollow, but rather a zone of more finely structured, less ordered ice.
The real problem, which hasn't really been emphasized, is that academic science is not structured well for anyone.
It is truly tragic that the way our educational system is structured can actually inhibit student learning.
The reference model allows these conversations to be discussed in a structured way.
In an era of structured education and standardized testing, this generational difference might not yet be evident.
It's more a question of how, for example, the general public thinks about how our cosmos is structured.
Ray had already structured his life in a way that today we'd recognize, but back then it was so foreign.
Some regulators also urge them to lighten up, especially in their treatment of structured products.
Hedge funds, private equity and traders in structured products are also moving in.
Those trustees pick a consultant, who selects fund managers who might buy structured products from an investment bank.
The book is structured as two essays with a lengthy joint introduction.
The goal was to drive itself up the league tables by expanding in areas such as structured credit and commodities.
Demand was equally insatiable, providing those infamously complex structured products with a stream of ready buyers.
The battleground is over how integrated financial firms should be structured.
The goal was to climb the league tables by expanding in areas such as structured credit and commodities.
The former is more akin to doodles than to any formal structured writing style in both content and length.
The newly structured material might be a candidate for replacing the batteries used in today's hybrids cars.
The rest of my life is to figure out what can be built to give people ways to change the way their lives are structured.
Surprisingly little is known about the legal apparatus that has enabled and structured the occupation.
He negotiated their deals, raised money, and structured their holdings.
They were more informal and less structured, enabling the two leaders to demonstrate their priorities and personalities.
It quickly became apparent that the intention was to throw this group together for a couple of days of barely-structured mayhem.
These regions turn out to have structured geometric forms, and since they attract points, they're called attractors.
If this groove isn't structured correctly, our defenders don't get an advanced warning about threats.
Their cells are large, structured, and filled with many internal compartments.
They illustrate the power of spontaneous dynamics of structured order coming out of a less elaborated and simple social context.
Owner of small business specializing in corporate investigations and structured financial transactions.
But the way the post was framed and structured immediately threw us back into the loop in the diagram above.
They both use arguments that are structured around and built on, the exact same fallacies.
There was a single impact, but the impactor was structured: a dense iron core and a less dense outer shell.
Your writing is tight well-structured and never condescending.
The next two were more normally-structured tournaments.
The way the corporate tax rate is structured is not fair.
The way the liquidity injection is structured, it is up to the retail credit unions to funnel money into the corporates.
These loans were structured the same way and sold to the same people as mortgages.
The sleek, structured frame is roomy enough to tote daily essentials without sacrificing style.
Kids need a structured experience, and they want to be with their peers.

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