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We can explain the structural and functional aspects of the universe through some fundamental laws.
The condo owners consulted with a structural engineer before placing the troughs on the roof.
And now that roof is rotting, threatening the structural integrity of the building.
His work is never embellished with ornament: every ornament is structural and belongs to the building.
The structural defects were equalled by the deficiencies in the commonest objects of hospital use.
The dough, perhaps by structural necessity, nears cardboard heavy.
Even more striking than the structural breakdown is the growing radicalization of the population.
Structural settings turned out to be newspapers on this trip, where he talked and listened to writers and editors.
They bespeak an audacious will to keep structural schemes and their execution mutually independent.
Most were in good structural shape, even those which had floated away.
In fact, the technical name for this structural wonder is actually concrete arch-gravity retaining wall.
Significant structural deformation of mid- and high-rise buildings.
The continuing structural changes are insidious because they are so mundane.
Many of the structural and mechanical systems were left visible and function as ornament.
The necessary structural improvements may cost billions of dollars.
It is not easy to discern to what extent structural change will reshape our economy.
The structural and cultural democracy of higher education clashes with the hierarchical nature of executive decision-making.
The regulators didn't make those simple connections nor did the rating agencies' structural ratings side.
Suffice it to say, though, that the evidence supporting structural inequality is compelling.
There is an aesthetic and structural flaw in the novel: its emotional content contradicts its structural content.
My recommendation is based on recognizing that our jobs challenge is structural in nature.
Crucially, reformers tied these structural critiques to practical problems and their solutions.
They need to be reminded of how putting those tax cuts and wars on the credit card led to structural deficits.
There was a substantial structural decline in the percentage of families in poverty which persisted into the aughts.
More alarmingly, the statistics suggest that the skills mismatch is becoming part of a deep structural problem in the economy.
These similarities may be consequences of functional, structural, or evolutionary relationships between the sequences.
The low-tech vibe, partly born out of a structural necessity, has come to be symbolic of the movement itself.
Not until the economy bumps up against its structural limitations will price increases accelerate.
It is similar to the structural failure a bridge can experience as vibrations increase.
Building the pyramid at the original slope caused structural instabilities.
The structural, powerplant, and wing-placement conundrums all seem bordering on the insolvable.
The fossils' time-machined hues exist because moths and butterfly wings have what's known as structural color.
Once the structural support of the upper floors is removed, a few falling floors can bring down an entire building.
Some structural basins are known as endorheic basins.
Hazards include whizzing dust and space junk and extreme temperatures, which can cause structural breaks and cracks.
Rapidly sinking ground under a levee could cause structural weaknesses in the levee system, he explains.
Lignin binds the cellulose molecules together, giving plants the structural strength to stand up and catch the sun.
Most of the green coloration of birds results from yellow pigments in combination with blue structural coloration.
These difficulties ultimately reflect the need for ongoing structural adjustment.
And there are also two structural causes of big government.
Interestingly, this would seem to imply that structural aspects of unemployment may be smaller than some estimate.
If this trend continues, expect to hear a lot more about potential structural unemployment.
The data seem not to point toward structural factors as the primary driver of unemployment.
The more difficult question is whether the slow recovery is due to a demand shortfall, or structural factors.
So even the actual hormonal basis underlying the reported structural differences remains unclear.
They conducted lab tests involving large fires and the heating of structural components.
These similarities may be consequences of functional, structural or evolutionary relationships between the sequences.
Try adding extra structural elements to your designs.
Chromosomes do not exhibit big structural differences either.
Intelligence had more to do with structural specific neural networks than capacity to learn.
But if no structural pathologies are apparent from the outside, doctors begin with an invasive procedure.
The structural specificity of the neural architecture ads tremendously to the total information capacity of the brain.
Blues and greens consist of structural pigments that are manufactured by the birds themselves.
Opiates are derivatives of opium, having chemical structural resemblance.
These have a wicked crunchy skin and cake insides with the structural integrity to sop awhile in coffee.
Powers's other big structural decision is equally fruitful.
There are deep-seated structural issues that must be dealt with by legislation.
Twenty-five years of avid searching, and several books, have brought no convincing structural schemes to light.
These similarities may be consequences of functional, structural, or evolutionary relationships between the sequences.
The structural distinctions have clear behavioral consequences.
One technique relies on layering materials with alternating hardened structural layers and soft repair layers.
Its gravity is far too weak to overcome the structural integrity of the crystals in the rock itself.
If a project in immunology is used to justify a transition to structural genomics my guess is it wouldn't be funded.
The structural change in the brain that gave us language was precisely the change that gave us mathematical ability.
Left unchecked, they can cause a structural member to fail abruptly, sometimes with catastrophic results.
Until then, coiled coils had been seen primarily in structural proteins, he says.
Instead of rigid bones, axons are built around structural elements, mostly bundles of filaments called microtubules.
The human mind is a complex thing, and its incoherence is a structural feature, not an exceptional deviation.
And, there are structural changes which mean that the past may not be a good guide to the future.
Beams of this intensity, used for this purpose, are complete non-hazards for both plane structural integrity and pilot eyesight.
Bamboo's tubular form presents certain structural conundrums as well.
Some affect the structural pattern of the developing brain and the growth of neurons.
My guess is that at first it had a structural function.
It is a tighter category and contains an operational and structural component.
Structural materials are applied generally according to the maximum operating temperature to which they will be exposed.
The rolling mill clanked out the first structural shapes.
It requires major structural reforms in both economies.
He was one of the first to use the technology to uncover minute structural aberrations in the brains of schizophrenics.
The prototype's inner shell, made from a strong yet somewhat flexible nylon material, gives the ball structural strength.
However, enzymes that break down a corn's structural elements could also result in weakened stalks.
The prosthesis would then snap onto this graft and again be directly connected to the body structural system.
Previous work on off-targets was limited to small clusters of proteins grouped by functional or structural similarity.
These scaffolds provide both structural support and chemical signals that enable an organ or nerve tissue to function properly.
These small quakes were felt on the surface and disturbed nearby residents, but they caused no structural damage.
Then you should have strong framing to hold the sheets and strong structural support against winds, protection against hail.
In its natural state, vanadium is soft and ductile and it possesses excellent structural strength.
Physics has an illusion of knowledge about structural chemistry.
They have a structural component there as well as a chemical component.

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