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Example sentences for strove

Later, the same scientists strove to explain what fuels these erupting mountain ranges, called mid-ocean ridges.
The group strove to revive a defunct political party.
He would have released himself, but strove in vain to do so.
But human figures occupied a higher realm of being in his mind, and with them he strove for artifice.
Outdoor artwork, which once strove to inspire, is now content to amuse.
In keeping with the emphasis on popularization, all three authors strove for conciseness and simplicity.
It is home to innovators who strove to further the great world of flight.
Her diplomatic tenacity strove to achieve a bloodless peace with white settlers.
The letters also reveal the bond between two figures who strove to explain the world through the language of magical power.
It strove to dispel the myths and stigma that surround mental illness.

Famous quotes containing the word strove

The bugle-call to arms again sounded in my war-trained ear, the bayonets gleamed, the sabres clashed, and the Prussian h... more
However global I strove to become in my thinking over the past twenty years, my sons kept me rooted to an u... more
But who, alas! can love, and then be wise? Not that remorse did not oppose temptation; A little still she strovemore
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