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But for a bot, a stroll along the beach-or in the desert-is no walk in the park.
But none of them have the time for a leisurely stroll through a science lab.
Stroll around the place-past luxury yachts and manicured gardens-and the impression is one of contented prosperity.
Click on the map below to see what a stroll will reveal.
And they quizzed students on how energized they felt before and after the stroll.
Bring a date to the zoo and enjoy hot cocoa, kettle corn and other treats as you stroll through the display.
The gently curving path invites you to stroll among the plants, and leads to a small circular patio.
Nearly every city dweller looks in the windows of apartments they stroll past, even if they won't admit it.
Three desultory college-age boys stroll past, one of whom bends on one knee before the rake-wielding harpy.
We leave the car outside the farm and stroll under a night sky studded with stars.
Keeping your feet on the bottom is enough of a task, and you would probably need a weight belt to take an underwater stroll.
Stroll along the boardwalk, wend your way through the curling pathways, and behold the best view of the city.
So next time you stroll past a bunch of the banished, take a deep breath and feel free to run.
Visitors who want a bit of quiet will also welcome a stroll down the bay's pristine coastline.
The software even includes a pedometer so you get full credit for that leisurely stroll.
Visitors enjoy a stroll through the wetland or tent camping.
Exit through the sacristy and stroll through the cemetery chapel.
Astronauts wanting a stroll could step through a hatchway and into an spacesuit mounted on the outside.
He used to stroll down the alley behind our house, reading his breviary.
So you can virtually stroll up and down city streets.
Stroll the property with its restored gardens and river view.
The temperature for that stroll was minus-38 centigrade.
All the people throng to the beach and sit there or stroll the length again and again.
Stroll the beach, art shop, eat some great olallieberry pie.
It's not all a stroll in the park, though, quite literally.
Stroll around serene koi ponds and a remarkable bamboo forest.
There are lovely gardens to stroll through and several ponds with lots of hungry fish and coin-operated fish food dispensers.
Outdoorsy residents and local cowpokes stroll these sidewalks and nod their hellos.
Stroll this city square of historic homes, museums, and restaurants.
It's an easy stroll to get to picnic benches overlooking the falls.
All that is missing from a stroll on the gently rolling decks is the salt in the spray.
And be sure to stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.
It is time, then, to take a stroll down memory lane.
The deer would stroll into view and it was such a delight.
Guitar players, left, stroll through the cobblestone alleyways.
Stroll along the stream and cut back across the floodplain to the visitor center.
Stroll the paths to a granite pagoda, over the bridge across the koi pond, and among the beautifully manicured shrubs.
He can see everyone mingle, chat and stroll around the room.
If you can withstand yacht envy, stroll the docks afterward and drool over the costly boats.
He was also allowed to stroll in the courtyard with the policemen.
In the biting cold, not many of its residents stroll the permafrost streets for pleasure.

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