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Performance, durability and tight costs for cars are also much more stringent than for small electronic devices.
Their occupational health standards are not as stringent as ours, and so there was a much higher exposure in that population.
Mathematical proofs for example are much more stringent than proofs in physics because they are much easier to confirm.
Finally, one comment was posted about the use of pesticides in organics and the stringent standards they must follow.
Polymers can be processed in less stringent conditions--at room temperature and in the open air.
Presumably, less stringent measures haven't worked, or the behavior would not have occurred.
Parties are always free to implement more stringent measures.
Regulations in many foreign countries are also less stringent, if there are any regulations at all.
Publications face stringent government censorship, and reporters and editors who push the boundaries can be demoted or sacked.
It helped, too, that stringent visa regulations had limited the influx of foreign tourists.
That, after all, is why there are such stringent laws against insider dealing.
His company must also meet stringent safety standards and complete a long series of test flights.
The fund may be calculating that it is better to be lavish before a crisis than stringent after one.
Recently, the stock market tumbled, out of fear of a more stringent policy adjustment.
Prescription drugs are the one area where there is a drive for more stringent laws on the supply side.
Nuclear and chemical weapons are subject to stringent inspection regimes.
However, a stringent programme of fiscal retrenchment will also be necessary.
Too low resources will also risk quality because teachers will become less stringent and motivated.
It's not easy, what with the stringent rationing laws.
Airlines are becoming ever more stringy in the services they offer, and stringent in their.

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