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Example sentences for string theory

You're basing your entire work on string theory, but the physical evidence doesn't exist to corroborate what you're suggesting.
The physics prize went to a team that had unveiled a new type of string theory.
Until recently, the widespread expectation was that some version of an idea called string theory would prevail.
Never mind the niceties of string theory and its implications for physics.
String theory, currently a popular idea, holds that the universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings.
To date, the best candidates for a theory of everything are various versions of a branch of mathematics called string theory.
Physics is shifting to the theoretical and string theory.
They don't need to know that anymore than they need to understand relativity, string theory or the chaos theory of the universe.
Before long he was the dominant player in the field, and string theory was the hottest area of physics.
She works on several of the competing models of string theory in the quest to explain the fabric of the universe.
Tabletop experiment puts new limits on string theory.
Instead of string theory, four-dimensional tetrahedrons.
Finding our universe in string theory appears impossible.
They discuss developments during the past two decades in string theory and the discoveries of dark matter and dark energy.
Despite new ideas and experimental activity, it is possible that none of these tests will find any support for string theory.
At a minimum, it should help halt such dead-end efforts as string theory.
Some people think string theory is the ultimate theory of the universe, the so-called theory of everything.
And of course, you know that there are going to be ideas based on string theory.
Many cosmologists have reservations about string theory and some really are arguing with conviction that it isn't science.
Nobody is claiming that string theory must be true because it was revealed to them.
The idea of additional spatial dimensions comes from string theory, the only self-consistent quantum theory of gravity so far.
If you want to go outside the standard model, eg with string theory, then there is a whole new vocabulary.
Some believe there is and it's something called string theory.
He is the co-founder of string field theory, a major branch of string theory.
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