strike zone in a sentence

Example sentences for strike zone

He didn't go after bad pitches, no matter how many pitchers tried to derail his record chase by avoiding the strike zone.
His bat was a machete, ripping through the strike zone as if it were cutting sugar cane.
For a pitcher, it's the strike zone over home plate that suddenly begins to jump around.
Applicants must have helmets for every individual in the strike zone.
Small jigs stay in the crappie's strike zone longer than large jigs.
Powerful storm systems have the ability to travel far from the initial strike zone.
Hurricanes and tropical storms are powerful systems that have the ability to travel far from the initial strike zone.
Keep the lure or bait in the strike zone as long as possible, since they won't spend a whole lot of energy chasing their food.
Batter receives one additional pitch if the last pitch is not in the strike zone.
However, baits must stay near the bottom to be in the strike zone.
His violent pitching motion may have also led to inconsistencies within the strike zone.
Players still choose which pitch to throw and where to place it in the strike zone.
But relief was harder to find than a small strike zone.
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