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Check your insurance for coverage of emergencies known to strike your area.
Rather, lightning tends to strike people in places where there are people to strike.
Watch lightning strike and learn how thunderclouds form in this interactive feature.
It uses the rattle to warn enemies that it is about to strike.
It could help them predict when tornadoes will strike.
Strike-slip faults, where plates grind against each other, store stress differently.
But if one did strike, it could cause widespread damage.
Submarines lurk beneath the waves waiting to strike.
Dug into the permafrost of the mountain, it has been built to withstand an earthquake or a nuclear strike.
Learn how thunderclouds form, and watch lightning strike in this interactive feature.
When you see lightning strike this summer, think about what it can do to the ground.
If thou art an anvil then suffer: if a hammer, then strike.
How he can strike the one so sore, and leave the other free.
There are gleams all along that now strike us as the careless hints of a great unseen power that was approaching.
But being seized with a sudden terror, he stopped short, and remained some time without being able to lift up his arm to strike.
Reaction includes a national strike by four million students.
Looking at all their measurements, scientists still have found no reliable signs that an earthquake is about to strike.
Be creative: have your subjects wear costumes, such as a ten-gallon hat or a long dress, and have them strike an eerie pose.
Lionfish herd smaller fish into pockets of coral reef or up against barriers and then swallow the prey in a single strike.
Her thoughtful expression and strong hands immediately strike the viewer.
The population size and location strike a perfect middle ground.
Inspiration can take a lot longer to strike than a match.
Although the decree gave them seven years to adjust, they called an all-out strike.
When this caused negotiations to overrun, it resorted to what amounted to an undeclared strike, by slowing work down.
But for the past two months it has been shaken by its first nationwide public-sector strike.
Exceptions occur when a strike-slip earthquake subsequently triggers a large submarine landslide.
In pianists, for example, the fingers might clutch inward involuntarily every time they attempt to strike a key.
And it has been known to strike other adventure travelers.
Energetic protons from deep space continuously bombard our planet and strike atoms in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
Earthquakes are unique in the pantheon of natural disasters in that they provide no warning at all before they strike.
The thought of having something lurking above you, watching and waiting for the moment to strike is scary.
Perimeter ensures the ability to strike back, but it's no hair-trigger device.
Twenty-two people were reportedly killed in the strike.
Graduate workers went on a months-long strike, but administrators didn't budge.
The search team's leader should be able to strike a balance between high aspirations and realistic expectations.
Wait, we've heard those songs derived from her suffering-strike that.
Anyone who has lived through a sanitation workers' or a teachers' strike can testify to that.
Poems, unlike fiction, usually strike in tight shot-patterns.
In the photo for her pilot's license, he had her strike a masculine pose, complete with cigarette and grimy fingernails.
Two days later, for unrelated reasons, the symphony musicians went out on strike.
No matter how one feels about the findings, they strike me as central to food safety concerns.
It doesn't strike me as offensive so much as really, really, really off in every way possible.
The strike is the culmination of a long struggle between the graduate students and the university over the right to unionize.
Every once in while, however-when there's a garbage strike, for instance-it grabs headlines.
The two strike up a flirtatious exchange that carries them through an affair, and which makes up a large chunk of the narrative.
They had timed the strike for dawn, hoping to startle the inhabitants.
He started a kind of sit-down strike, and ended up in a mental hospital briefly.
The two strike a temporary bargain, and set up housekeeping.
Writer interviews historians and members of the museum's staff who discuss the delicate balance the museum must strike.
Some of my recently acquired habits strike me as curious.
The electrons are accelerated along the tube and strike the metal, creating x-rays.
Precisely timed light pulses are launched into the fiber and strike a photodetector at the other end.
We want to know when and where the big one will strike.
Now a new surveillance system may help locate, track, and intercept poachers before they strike.
Because the field is so new, there's still a chance to strike it rich, promoters promised.
They've learned to ride the rails of our technology to strike at us.
When they strike other objects, they can push or pull them around.
It seems that few challenges strike deeper fear in the heart of businesspeople today than the prospect of patent litigation.
The new publication restrictions strike at the heart of university science.
No matter how forcefully the police break one strike, the natives go on strike somewhere else.
Bursting into the house with the shotguns blasting away was to be seen as a preemptive strike in self-defense.
When they do, they behave in ways that strike me as curious.
If you make a wax doll of your enemy and strike it or burn it, you are sure to harm him.
Most flu viruses, on the other hand, strike hardest at the elderly.
For starters, his techniques strike many colleagues as brutish and old-fashioned.
Relying on stored elastic power for its ballistic strike, the chameleon's tongue is largely cold-proof.
He approaches, keeping outside of the snake's strike radius, while moving his head from side to side.
He tells me that abnormalities in the brain can offer evidence of diseases that are present now or that may strike in the future.
He is so absorbed in conversation that only as disaster is about to strike does he look up to see the car bearing down on him.

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